Singapore Airshow 2018

RMAF Sukhoi Su-30MKM seemed to hang in the air at the Singapore Airshow 2018

SINGAPORE: The first day of the Singapore Airshow 2018 started with a bang, literally. One of the eight KAI T-50s of the ROKAF Black Eagles flipped and landed on its side at Changi airpport as it was taking off for the first day flight display performance.

The airport fire team managed to douse the fire on the aircraft and helped the pilot to escape. He was reportedly taken to hospital with minor injuries. Initial reports suggested the aircraft had a blew a tire during take off roll leading to the incident. There is no word yet whether the display team will continue with their show in the next five days of the show.

The RSAF 50th anniversary team, two F-16Cs and F-15SG doing aerial display. A little faster I would have gotten the perfect shot.

As the Black Eagles was the last aerial display for the day, it did not had any effect on the others, namely the F-15G and F-16 trio, Juoiter display team and the solo ones involving the F-16 (PACAF), Gripen (RTAF) and Sukhoi (RMAF).

RMAF Sukhoi Su-30MKM seemed to hang in the air as the flare does.

As for the Sukhoi, only two are involved in the show, one for the display while the other one as a spare.

Two US Marines F-35Bs were on static together with two F-22 (not seen)

Anyhow, it is likely that Airbus and PTDI will work together to offer the C295 to meet the RMAF requirements. Further details are expected to be known in a couple of days.

One of the two newly delivered S-70B Sea Hawks on static at the show

And currently there is no RMAF requirement for the LCA. As I was busy chasing other things at the show, posted below is an interview with the RMAF display pilot.

RMAF A400M on the static display.

Interview with AIN online with the Sukhoi pilots.

After its 2016 debut, the Royal Malaysian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MKM returns to the Singapore Airshow with an improved routine and added features. The display team is from 11 Squadron, based in RMAF Gong Kedak, Terengganu, Malaysia.

“Based on our experience in 2016, we have taken into consideration the size of the show center and wind patterns, and have designed our profile within 0.7 miles, which is very tight,” reported Lt. Col. Mohd Faizal bin Abu Bakar, one of the display pilots. He is joined by weapon system officer, Maj. Mohd Afian bin Abdullah.

“We are almost pushing the Su-30MKM to its limits, but it is at its most optimal. We can go tighter, but the weather here is very unpredictable and changes very fast. Our situational awareness has to be very high,” he said. ”Thankfully we have been training in bad weather back home, and we have good training,” he added.

“We conduct these maneuvers in our operational training, just that it is at a low level here,” he said.

Deployment of flares and extended “engine idle time” during the crowd favorite Tail Slide and Cobra maneuver are among the new features in the performance, Faizal said. .

“The main purpose here is not a competition of skills but rather establishing and improving military ties with other countries here,” he added.

RSAF 50th display releases flare as they separate after pulling up in an arrowhead formation

Indeed the Flanker display is the one to see at the show though it must said that the aerial display are excellent as well. It is simply the Flanker seemed to have the extra flair in aerial displays.

Engine idle with flares

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Awesome aerial ‘hanging’ display by our Flanker, maybe only matched by the F35 due to its VTOL capability.

  2. Breaking news. Thailand is in nego eith Indonesia for the purchase of 3 CN 235 MPA’s

  3. ” Anyhow, it is likely that Airbus and PTDI will work together to offer the C295 to meet the RMAF requirements. Further details are expected to be known in a couple of days.

    And currently there is no RMAF requirement for the LCA. ”

    What does it imply?

    On the other issue, if Thai Navy could use CN-235 for MPA. It will alot easier for RMAF to switch the existing CN-235 transport to MPA role.

    It easy but whether or not it will suit RMAF requirements, it will be another issue

  4. went the on the 8th sadly Flanker went on “Stealth” mode, there’s no flying display and not even on the tarmac! the A400 guys said there’s some technical issues.

  5. No official explaination on the MKM withdrawal from the singapore air show?

    No there was no announcement AFAIK. I was at the show yesterday, when the Flanker did not flew I simply assumed that it was their off day. It must be noted there was no announcement on the Black Eagles accident either as well as their likely pull out from the show

  6. Hi Marhalim, any news or reasons for the early departure of the Flankers from Singapore Airshow if any, if no flying display i understand, but not even on static display? Even the show management did tell the reason. I belief its a crowd puller by mere being static.

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