Missile Firing Exercise. Updated.

SHAH ALAM: Missile firing exercise, updated. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has deleted its Facebook posting on the missile firing exercise in the Straits of Malacca next week. Malaysian Defence had reported earlier today on a post on the MMEA Facebook page which says the RMN is to hold […]


Gulf Shield 2018

SHAH ALAM: Gulf Shield 2018. The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) are taking part in the month-long Gulf Shield 2018 military exercise in Saudi Arabia. The participation of Malaysia was confirmed by Saudi Defense Ministry official Twitter @diraalawatan account today. In a posting at 18.55pm on Mar. 24, 2018, it stated […]

Malaysian Defence

Four More AW139s For Police

SHAH ALAM: Four more AW139s for Police. The police is getting four more AW139s, adding to the two already in service, says IGP Puzi Harun today. One of the four will be delivered this May with the other three to be delivered, in batches, before 2020. Puzi announced the new […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Sendayan Air Base Inaugurated

SHAH ALAM: Sendayan Airbase, one of several facilities built as replacements for Kuala Lumpur Airbase was officially opened today. Despite called an airbase, Sendayan does not have a runway as it is not involved in air operations. The airbase term is used as the facility is owned and managed by […]

Malaysian Army

Bad Moon Rising

SHAH ALAM: Bad Moon Rising. As you are aware with the upcoming general elections, the authorities are preparing for troubles. With the police already committed to various other security operations, the Army is expected to shoulder part of the responsibilities of keeping the peace, if anything bad breaks out of […]

Malaysian Army

Ingwe Missile Firing at Gemas

SHAH ALAM: Ingwe Missile. The Army conducted the first firings of the Denel Ingwe missiles from the Gempita AFV30 ATGW armoured vehicles at the firing range at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas today. Two Gempitas took part in the missile firings. Only BTDM Online covered the exercise which also included the […]