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SHAH ALAM: Army Demo This Weekend, The Army will be holding a demonstration and exhibition at Pantai Saujana, Port Dickson this weekend as part of its 85th anniversary. The event will be held from this Friday (Mar 9) to Sunday (Mar. 11) from 8am to 5pm.

The demonstration however will only be conducted on Saturday although the event will start on Friday and ends on Sunday.

The single demonstration will be similar to the ones hold in 2014 and 2015, with some variation of course. The event in 2014 was held to mark the end of Ops Daulat, the operations against the incursion by Sulu gunmen at Lahad Datu in 2013.

The GGK Glover Webb LSV at 2015 Army demo

This was a guest post by AM for the 2015 event.

The Malaysian Army celebrated its 82nd anniversary at Port Dickson on March 7 with a sea, air and land demonstration that brought together some of the most interesting units in the Malaysian Army and support from the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

The Event
For men of the Army’s Special Forces Group, the day began long before the formal start at 8.00am with the arrival of the top brass. At least two Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats took up station in the distance at 7.30am, accompanied by lightly crewed safety craft.

A RMAF EC-725 Cougar or H225M now was seen making preliminary orbits of the area, as much for familiarization as to sanitize the area. A gaggle of four colourful, fast moving vessels approached the army flotilla and was brought to a halt by a swift reacting safety craft. Any speculation that these were fodder for the commandos ended when the civilian craft departed and made no further appearance.

As mentioned in the post, the 2014 demonstration was more intense as it included a company of paratroopers assaulting the beach.

The beach assault however took another dimension when it was thought to be the forerunner for a Malaysian marine force. It was not it was just a demonstration of the capabilities of the 10th Para Brigade, which is the Army’s Quick Reaction unit.

GGK long guns on display at the 2015 Army demo

That said the Army also expects most of its units on alert duty to be ready to move out within several hours of notification so its not just the QRF unit that will be able to respond to any emergencies.

A GGK RIV at the 2015 Army demo

— Malaysian Defence.

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