Ingwe Missile Firing at Gemas

SHAH ALAM: Ingwe Missile. The Army conducted the first firings of the Denel Ingwe missiles from the Gempita AFV30 ATGW armoured vehicles at the firing range at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas today. Two Gempitas took part in the missile firings.

Only BTDM Online covered the exercise which also included the firings of three other variants of the Gempita, the AFV30, IFV25 and the RWS. A Gempita reconnaisance variant fitted with the Vintaqs II target acquisition and surveillance system was also photographed at the exercise.

The Vintaqs II surveillance system mast on the second Gempita. The antenna of the Squire radar dominates the mast.

I believed this was the first time the surveillance system of the reconnaisance variant has been photographed with the mast in the up position.

The Vintaqs II optronic device without the radar antenna.

From Rheimentall.

The Vingtaqs II is a tripod- or mast-mounted long-range surveillance, observation and reconnaissance system developed by Simrad Optronics, now Rheinmetall Nordic, for armored vehicles. The Vingtaqs II accurately determines target coordinates at long distances from the vehicle forward observer position. A standalone system, the Vingtaqs II can be integrated at low cost into a wide variety of vehicles. The system also accommodates instrumentation for laser-designated targeting, enabling it to support forward air controller operations

The Gempita Vintaqs II system is also fitted with the Thales Squire ground surveillance radar for detection/tracking and classification of moving ground targets.

Lt Gen. Azizan looking at the firing display in a Gempita, likely the AFV30 ATGW variant.

The BTDM posting did not mentioned whether the two AFV30 ATGW were guided to their targets by the reconnaissance variant however. Army Western Field Commander Lt. Gen. Azizan Md Delin was on hand to witness the firings.

Lt Gen. Azizan being briefed on the Ingwe missile inside its firing canister.

It is also interesting to note that the two AFV30 ATGW were in a green camo instead of the Army’s standard digital camouflage. This may indicate that the two are factory fresh vehicles and have yet to be delivered to the Army.

The two green Gempita AFV30 ATGW on the firing line. The one on the right fitted with a red flag is the one fitted with a live round.

Industry sources told Malaysian Defence that Ingwe missiles were only delivered in early 2017 even though the AFv30 ATGW Gempita had been delivered to the two units operating them in 2016, 19th RMR and 1 KAD.

On the Way. The Ingwe missile on the way to the target.

The missiles were supposed to be delivered in late 2016 for acceptance firings but this was delayed to early 2017. It is likely that the firings today was part of the acceptance program for Ingwes. I am not sure whether this was the first local firings of the Ingwes but it was the first time that the Army had publicised them openly.

19th RMR AFV30 ATGW Gempita

The missiles had been fired from the AFV30 ATGW as part of the Gempita test program. These firings took place in Turkey and the Denel Overberg test range in South Africa. All of the missiles hit the targets in these test firings, I am told.

— Malaysian Defence

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