Gulf Shield 2018

SHAH ALAM: Gulf Shield 2018. The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) are taking part in the month-long Gulf Shield 2018 military exercise in Saudi Arabia. The participation of Malaysia was confirmed by Saudi Defense Ministry official Twitter @diraalawatan account today.

In a posting at 18.55pm on Mar. 24, 2018, it stated “Welcome, the tigers of Asia and its generous people”

The posting welcoming the Malaysian contingent for Gulf Shield 2018.

On Mar. 18, 2018, Saudi Press Agency reported that 23 countries were taking part in Gulf Shield military drill.

RIYADH — The Gulf Shield 1 Joint drills, organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are kicked off in the Eastern Region today in participation of military forces from 23 brotherly and friendly countries as well as the Saudi forces. The drill is scheduled to last for one month.
The drill, which is considered the largest military drill in the region in terms of diversity of expertise and quality of weapons, aims at raising the military readiness of the participating countries, modernizing the joint mechanisms and enhancing coordination and cooperation.
The Gulf Shield 1 drill is a turning point in terms of the techniques used in accordance with the most modern military systems in the world.

The Saudi Defense Ministry did not say how many Malaysian personnel are taking part in the exercise. However, if we looked back at the previous exercise in Saudi Arabia, it may well be a platoon from the 10th Para Brigade together with a small number of support personnel.

The Malaysian contingent being welcomed by their Saudi counterparts for the North Thunder exercise back in 2016

The Malaysian Defense Ministry has not annnounced our participation in the exercise. It is likely to come out now since the Saudis has confirmed our participation.

An PAC personnel taking part in the North Thunder exercise in Saudi Arabia in 2016.. Diraalwatan

When the Saudi Defense Ministry started posting about the exercise last week I had an inkling that Malaysia will be involved. The posting today confirmed my suspicion.

— Malaysian Defence

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