More Goose and RPG Ammo

SHAH ALAM: More Goose and RPG rounds. The Army is getting more rounds for its Saab Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifles and the RPG-7s with the Defence Ministry today publishing the request for bids for both items on the e-Perolehan website.

The deadline for both RFB is 22 September. The order for the Goose rounds is for 2,000 units only.

Firing the RPG-7 at LKT 2018.

The specifications for the 84mm HE rounds are as follows:

The High Explosive (HE) round is intended to inflict casualty on the ground troops in the open area, behind the cover or in the slit trenches and to inflict damage on soft skin vehicle. This HE round shall be able to destroy the target using air burst detonation or set for impact. It shall be able to use with in-service Carl Gustav M2 and other manufacturer’s weapon of the same caliber and capabilities.

Soldiers from the 10th Para Brigade at the 2019 Merdeka parade. PDRM picture

The Army in the meantime is looking to buy 2,600 RPG rounds.

Soldiers from 19th RMR (Mechanised) preparing to fire their RPG-7s during the 2017 Firepower Exercise

There is a requirement to use the 40 mm anti-tank rockets with the RPG launcher as a platoon anti-tank weapon to counter armour in both the offensive and defensive phases of war. The rockets are to compliment the battalion anti-armour weapons during operations. The rockets together with the anti-tank grenade is designed for use against all the modern types of armoured vehicle and to neutralize field fortifications and buildings

7th Rejimen Renjer DiRaja
soldiers with their RPG-7 launcher as they walk in formation to the parade ground in February, 2017.

Anyhow, yes, I am aware of the polemic regarding the direct negotiation contracts by the previous government. It must be noted that the contracts – five with Airod Sdn Bhd for the maintenance and support of various RMAF aircraft and Airbus for the maintenance and support for A400M fleet – were awarded/announced at LIMA 19.

— Malaysian Defence

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