More Goose and RPG Ammo

The 7th Rangers soldiers at ready for the inspection in Feb. 2017. Note the RPG launchers on the ground with their packs and the machine guns.

SHAH ALAM: More Goose and RPG rounds. The Army is getting more rounds for its Saab Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifles and the RPG-7s with the Defence Ministry today publishing the request for bids for both items on the e-Perolehan website.

The deadline for both RFB is 22 September. The order for the Goose rounds is for 2,000 units only.

Firing the RPG-7 at LKT 2018.

The specifications for the 84mm HE rounds are as follows:

The High Explosive (HE) round is intended to inflict casualty on the ground troops in the open area, behind the cover or in the slit trenches and to inflict damage on soft skin vehicle. This HE round shall be able to destroy the target using air burst detonation or set for impact. It shall be able to use with in-service Carl Gustav M2 and other manufacturer’s weapon of the same caliber and capabilities.

Soldiers from the 10th Para Brigade at the 2019 Merdeka parade. PDRM picture

The Army in the meantime is looking to buy 2,600 RPG rounds.

Soldiers from 19th RMR (Mechanised) preparing to fire their RPG-7s during the 2017 Firepower Exercise

There is a requirement to use the 40 mm anti-tank rockets with the RPG launcher as a platoon anti-tank weapon to counter armour in both the offensive and defensive phases of war. The rockets are to compliment the battalion anti-armour weapons during operations. The rockets together with the anti-tank grenade is designed for use against all the modern types of armoured vehicle and to neutralize field fortifications and buildings

7th Rejimen Renjer DiRaja
soldiers with their RPG-7 launcher as they walk in formation to the parade ground in February, 2017.

Anyhow, yes, I am aware of the polemic regarding the direct negotiation contracts by the previous government. It must be noted that the contracts – five with Airod Sdn Bhd for the maintenance and support of various RMAF aircraft and Airbus for the maintenance and support for A400M fleet – were awarded/announced at LIMA 19.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. @ marhalim

    This looks like a regular replenishment of our ammo stocks. With a tender probably they are looking at other sources for the goose anf RPG rounds.

    As for the maintenance contract, seriously I have no issues with direct nego with AIROD and AIRBUS. No matter what is the issue, there is no other companies anyway that can do MRO for C-130, Nuri and Hawks in Malaysia. As for Airbus, its for the A400M for gods sake, do you think Boeing can maintain them without voiding our warranties?

    As for most others in the list, I see no issue of direct nego with most of the companies, as many are GLC and government owned anyway.

    This is just a stupid witch hunt that has backfired on the current Finance Minister.

  2. The spec for the Carl Gustav ammo seems more fitted for a fuel air explosive round than a pure HE round as it specifies air birst n behind protection

  3. yeah, if the DN was done in such a way like in AIROD and Airbus case. I think it will be silly for people to complain about these cases.

    However I don’t really see how this impacts the current FM though. The previous one, probably, seeing his reaction in Parliament.

  4. So is this a ‘tender’ tender or is it a ‘somewhat tender’ RFP?

    Anyways, when was the last time we replenished these?

    No idea really as in the past not many of these are published openly

  5. @…
    “This is just a stupid witch hunt”
    What was that promise within 100 days in taking office were again?

  6. To replace some of the time expired POF rounds we turn to a cheaper source : Romania.

    Who knows who we’ll buy from this time. Russian rounds are not the cheapest but they are the most durable/long lasting.

    An average RPG round has about 10 years of life in it but how it’s stored plays a part. There have been cases of rounds 10-15 years old being used with no problems.

  7. @ joe

    Not 100% things in this world can be competitively bidded

    Go through the list.

    Some of it, like buying precious national manuscript. How do you open tender those? It is something only say Ahmad A got it, you need to buy it from Ahmad A.

    Another, if you want to advertise in magazine Z, you pay directly to magazine Z company.

    Or if you want to do event at X event location, of course you will pay directly to X event location company.

  8. @ Lee

    ” The spec for the Carl Gustav ammo seems more fitted for a fuel air explosive round than a pure HE round as it specifies air birst n behind protection ”

    Not necessarily.

    A timing fuse can also be used for air burst.

  9. Lee,

    I have no idea if FAE rounds for the Gustav are actually avoidable; too lazy to Google. I doubt we’d actually buy a FAE round. It is also telling that we haven’t bought FAE rounds for the RPGs.

    From the description given the round sounds more like a AP round; a Gustav version of the 60mm MAPAM round which we have (with ball bearings). The Gustav round’s; described as “air burst” also has the ability to be used against soft skin vehicles.

    If it was a FAE round it could also be used against armoured vehicles; provided the hatches were opened of course. Even if the hatches were closed; a armoured vehicle with no NBC overpressure system or one which was not functioning; would see its crew killed by a FAE round.

  10. @…
    Even if for the sake of formality, even if there were only a single supplier, transparency & due process should be followed thru 100%, much more so if there was a promise made to the rakyat. Which is why they shouldn’t make promises they don’t intend to keep.

  11. Chua,

    When NST ran an article on the RPG deal; it quoted a POF official who confirmed that the deal included 12,700 “40mm” rounds.

  12. This is the goose rounds that they are searching for

    It has a timing fuse on the nose that they can set by turning it like a knob. It will only arm itself when it is spinning more than 320rpm, so it wont become a habd grenade when the timing is set.

    @ chua

    All RPG-7 rockets have 40mm rocket section. the warhead (or the grenade) section is usually bigger. So the 40mm is basically referring to the rocket section diameter.

  13. @…

    Given that there IS apparently a “40mm” RPG round, and other rounds are referred to by their widest caliber rather than the launch barrel caliber in just about every reference I can find, I feel one really ought to be more specific in describing the rounds required.


  14. @ chua

    Yes there is a homogenous 40mm rpg-7 round, but it is optimised for anti-personnel, not anti-tank. The tender talks about the want for anti-tank round. Yes they should be more specific, but this is not the first time. Seems like describing technical matters is not a strong point in the military.

  15. … – “ Seems like describing technical matters is not a strong point in the military”

    First ask who actually wrote what’s described in the tender : actual military people who may or may not actually know the technical details or civilians in MINDEF?

  16. There are 14 types of CARL Gustav ammunition including one for trainning, two Star and at least two types of HEAT. One has a tandem warhead n able to penetrate more than 550mm of rolled homogenous steel. There is a frightening round that fires 1, 100 flechettes for area defence against infantry. Imagine thousands of darts coming at you at high velocity. The Apache has a similar round. Talibans caught by the fletchettes can be found nailed to trees if they are standing in front of trees when hit

  17. @Lee

    The latest fielded CG round has ranges of 1km. A guided round is in development that can hit moving targets 1.5km away.

    Technology marches on. If you stay in place, you’re actually falling behind.

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