MPA and MALE UAVs Out For Tender

SHAH ALAM: MPA and MALE UAVs out for tender. The Defence Ministry has published advertisements on the international tender process for two maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and three MALE UAVs in two local newspapers yesterday. The advertisements were published in the NST and Berita Harian.

The advertisements stated that local bidders for both tenders must have a letter of authorisation from the original equipment manufacturer or systems provider/integrator for the purpose of buying the tender documents.

Saab Swordfish MPA based on the Bombardier Q400. Several companies are offering MPA based on the Q400.

The tender document for the MPA will only be available for purchase on 1 September and the MALE UAV on 3 September from the Defence Ministry tender division. The closing date for submitting the MPA tender is 3 December and the MALE UAV is 26 November.

RAAF P-8A flying over RMAF Butterworth. Australian Defense Department

Based on the above requirements so far I will not make a guess on how many bidders will take in both tenders. As the aspirants only need an authorisation letter to be able to bid for both tenders, the numbers could go up to two dozens for each. OEMs in the past had given the authorisation to two or even three companies to present them in previous tender exercises so the number of companies could be much higher than the number of platforms being marketed or offered in the past.

The camouflage variant of the Sagem Patroller UAV.
TAI Anka UAV mockup at LIMA 19 . Ed Liew

Even if the tender documents are not yet published, I hazard to guess that companies that did not respond to the RFI previously could also be involved in these tender exercise.

Predator XP

It must be noted that the tender exercise does not necessarily mean that RMAF will get their MPAs and MALE UAVs within the next three years. And its not just technical or regulation issues, the current economic situation will probably see the procurement processes be stretched much longer as had happened in the past.

— Malaysian Defence

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