Selamat Jalan Pengkalan Udara Kuala Lumpur

Nine Sukhoi Su-30MKMs flew in a diamond formation on June 1, 2010 over Sungei Besi to mark RMAF birthday.

SHAH ALAM: Selamat Jalan Pengkalan Kuala Lumpur. It appears that the RMAF is preparing to leave Pengkalan Udara Kuala Lumpur as it had published request for bids to relocate several units still based there to other airbases. This time I think its for good as most of you are aware that the redevelopment of the KL airbase – also known as Sungai Besi or Simpang airbase – to Bandar Malaysia has been greenlighted by the government.

RMAF had continue to use some part of the airbase, the office facilities, as the runaway was closed in 2016. However when the government changed in May 2018, the new administration had put on hold the Bandar Malaysia project even though most of the construction of new facilities for units to relocate them from the KL airbase had been completed. The decision to put on hold the Bandar Malaysia project also meant that the facilities still operating at the KL airbase were not allowed to move out. The decision to restart the Bandar Malaysia project in December, last year, probably restarted the relocation process from the airbase.

RMAF VIP helicopters, the Agusta and Blackhawk flying to Subang from KL airbase when they stopped operatin from the airbase in late 2016. TUDM picture

From the e-tender page.


A quick check of the documents showed that it involved the shipping of furniture, packing and reinstallation as well documents from the KL airbase to Kuantan airbase. MAWILUD 1 PU is of course the Regional 1 Headquarters – the operational headquarters of RMAF in the peninsular. MAWILUD 2 is based at the Labuan airbase. Apart from MAWILUD 1 tender, another request for bids to relocate two other units from the KL airbase – MTU Komlek and Institut Perubatan Pernerbangan – to Subang airbase was also advertised on Jan. 14

Personnel from 3rd Squadron posed for a group picture as part of the farewell from KL airbase in late 2016. TUDM picture.

I have no idea how many RMAF units are still operating out of the KL airbase at the moment as many of them have been relocated to Sendayan, Subang and Kuantan airbases, previously. It is also unclear where RMAF will relocate its museum. Most of the aircraft and displays previously located there are now stored at the former PDRM Air Wing headquarters at the end of the KL airbase.

A graphic inside the KL air base air movement building depicting the various aircraft that had graced the facility.

It is also unclear whether or not RMAF will perform a grand ceremony to mark the closure of the historical airbase or just perform a simple one. I am guessing that a ceremony if any will be held by mid-year after the RMAF 62nd anniversary on June 1. They could also hold it the anniversary ceremony at the KL airbase to mark its closure.

My first and only departure and arrival at KL airbase.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. On the air force museum.

    A museum should be at an easily accessable location, and if possible, located at an active airport.

    My suggestion.

    Move the airforce museum to the Kuantan ATSC hangar. It is no longer needed to maintain the MiG-29. It is also located on the civilian side of kuantan airport, so visitors can go there without needing to go through the military airbase section.

    We also need to have more companies that would give offsets to restore and maintain historical aircrafts in the museum collection.

    The airforce top brass also need to be serious to save samples of retired aircrafts in as good condition as possible. Need to start now on the nuri, MiG-29N, PC-7 Mk1, MB-339CM.

    Also try to preserve some of them at strategic location as a reminder to those who pass by. Like in the parliment lawn, in the agong istana, near kementah building, in front of MOF building in putrajaya for example…

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