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Austrian CT operators entering a flat from two RIV fitted with the Mobile Adjustable Ramp System manufactured American company, Patriot3. Internet

SHAH ALAM: More stuff for GGK. Malaysian Defence previously reported that the Army is on a recapitalisation drive especially for its vehicles fleet. Although the number of vehicles being sought are small – big ones are usually funded under the RMK plan – one of my sources said it was better than the last five years or so.

Anyhow as part of the recapitalisation drive, the Special Services Group or Gerup Gerak Khas (GGK) is among the units that is finally getting the stuff that they had been clamoring for the last decade or so. Late last year, request for bids were, among others, for new boats, firearms and also personnel equipment. I did not write about the personnel equipment – namely for urban warfare – as the numbers are too small (platoon size).

The GGK Glover Webb LSV at 2015 Army demonstration at Port Dickson,

As for the latest stuff for the GGK, the Defence Ministry on Jan. 9 advertised request for bids for 20 vehicles, four Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) and 16 Special Operations Vehicle (SOV). We were aware that the SOV tender was coming back in DSA 2018 as a number of vehicles were displayed during the show harking the requirement, basically to replace the Glover Webb SOV already in service with the GGK.

There is a requirement for the Special Service Units to be equipped with Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) that is capable to conduct special operations deep in enemy held territory. The vehicle shall be capable to maneuver in hostile terrain with great emphasis towards stealth, speed and fire power.

A GGK RIV at the 2015 Army demo

For the RIV, the requirements publically accessible points to a much capable vehicle than the current Ford Ranger.

The RIV is intended for storming a hijacked aircraft on the ground or buildings in counter terrorist operations and able to deploy for tactical approach to docked ship, buses/coaches and trains.

Based on the above, I am assuming that the RIV being sought will be armoured and equipped with a ramp to facilitate entry and exit into buildings, docked ship, buses/coaches, aircraft and trains.

Austrian CT operators entering a flat from two RIV fitted with the Mobile Adjustable Ramp System manufactured American company, Patriot3. Internet

It must be noted following the dissolution of the National Special Operations Force (NSOF), the first responders in any CT operations will be the police with its UTK unit. The UTK is equipped with eight IAG Jaws RIV 4X4 and a number of Hiluxes equipped with an assault ladder.

UTK operators posed with their IAG Jaws 4X4 RIV. PDRM

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. For the SOV requirements. I would prefer the vehicle to be as low profile as possible, ie it should externally look as similar to a civilian 4×4. Our terrain means that SOVs are not going to be used in long range desert patrols or jungle bashings, but would be mostly used to transport our SOF operators in urban warfare situations.

    On the first responder for urban CT situations, i concur that this should be a designated task for UTK. We have many SF units, and all the various units should not be doing or specializing with the same tasks.


    – jungle guerilla warfare
    – COIN operations
    – urban warfare
    – sabotage/unconventional warfare
    – long range recce
    – sniper

    – naval/littoral operations
    – maritime anti-hijack

    – Joint Terminal Attack Controller/ Forward Air Control
    – Combat SAR

    – urban CT operations

  2. Didn’t the johor sultan donated couple of RIVs to GGK few years back?

    Not sure about the status of that vehicle, yes only one

  3. At any rate, local pickup trucks are just too tiny to be used for RIV. If they wanted off the shelf solution, a 1.5 ton lorry is a better (tho not by much) option.

    Afaik Thailand is using Ford 250 pickup trucks for their tactical escalade need. These 250s are pretty big especially compared to the likes of Ford Ranger or Hilux trucks

  4. All the MAF’s SF units should have an ability to handle FAC related work; not just PASKAU. All have the ability to do recce, sabotage and related sniper/marksman tasks. Gerak Khas also has a Boat Section and the only ones able to call in NGFS is PASKAL.

    Having different SF units naturally leads to overlaps in capabilities; which it’s why it’s important to have a joint command to synergise ops but this command mustn’t be dominated by one single service.

  5. Can anyone tell me the logic behind the resolution of National Special Operations Force (NSOF)? Dr. M doesn’t seem to like it?

    Not sure really the reason. I am guessing it was because the NSC was given more power to run the country from the security perspective.

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