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RBAF S-70i Blackhawk, USAF

SHAH ALAM: IN the earlier article on the contracts signing ceremony at LIMA 2023, Malaysian Defence reported that 43 contracts, LOI and Letter of Agreement were signed or awarded on the third day of the show. The combined value of the deals is RM10.1 billion, Defence Minister DSU Mohamad Hasan told the media after the ceremony.

From the 43, the deals for a single long-range radar (Thales – likely a new variant of the GM400 radar already in service with RMAF at Kota Samarahan, Sarawak) and the leasing deal for the four Black Hawk helicopters (RM187 million with Aerotree Sdn Bhd – which has various leasing deals with RMAF) have not been made public.

Also signed were various contracts for new assets, spares, and maintenance for the Army, RMAF and RMN. Listed below are the Army contracts (in no particular order). Do note that the contracts, LOI and LOA have been awarded before LIMA 2023.

DRB Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd. RM99 million for maintenance services and supply of spare parts for armoured vehicles, 8X8, Gempita.

MRA Global Sdn Bhd. RM18.92 million for comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts supply for local air warning radar TRML-3D (Airbus now Hendsolt).

Some of the Army’s Grup Artileri Pertahanan Udara assets from left Starstreak, Jernas and 0erlikon 35mm guns. BTDM

High Point Worlwide Sdn Bhd.RM13.4 million for the supply and delivery of 60-ton tank transporters. The following details was not announced at the signing ceremony. The tender for the above was issued in 2021 and it was for five prime movers and five low loader trailers. Malaysian Defence was informed that the selected prime mover is from Scania and while the low loader trailers were sourced locally.

TM Technology Sdn Bhd. RM168.87 million for network convergence.

Ammo Defence Solution Sdn Bhd. RM13.76 million for the rental services of 20 high powered motorcycles for the Kor Polis Tentera Darat/MP. The emcee announced 20 superbikes but the Malaysian Defence post based an Army report says 40 bikes.

Some of the forty BMW R1250 RT superbikes of the KPTD.

Badanbas Sdn Bhd. Industrial collaboration programme under the supply and commissioning of APC for Malbatt 850. No figures were announced. The contract for the Ejder Yalcin 4X4 was announced at DSA 2022. As usual the contract value was not revealed. Dzirhan Mahadzir reported that the deal for the 20 vehicles were for RM190 million.

Letter of Intent
Destini Prima Sdn Bhd. RM18.75 million for the supply and delivery of 70mm/2.75 inch rockets. The rockets are meant for the MD-530G helicopters. The tender issued in February, 2023 calls for the supply for 2340 rounds. These rockets are being supplied by FZ of Belgium, the same company which supplied them to the RMAF.

Letter of Acceptance

World Integrated Technologies Sdn Bhd. RM29.8 million for the supply of 35mm target practice tracer rounds. This are the ammunition for GAPU 35mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns. The tender was issued in December 2022 and the ammunition being bought is 20,000 rounds.

Barincorp Sdn Bhd. RM29.8 million for the supply of 30mm frangible armour piercing incendiary discarding sabot rounds. The 20,000 rounds are for the Gempita APC and the tender was published in December 2022.

Mindmatics Sdn Bhd. RM101.3 million for the maintenance services of the EW system.

Aerotree Services Sdn Bhd. RM187 million for the helicopter rental service. This is of course the four Black Hawks.

Kembara Station Sdn Bhd. RM18.3 million for vehicular and manpack radios for the Army. This for 102 V/UHF handheld and vehicular tactical radios and meant for the GGK. I was told that the radios are Harris.

Traumland Sdn Bhd. RM24.5 million for the supply and delivery HF/VHF manpack and HF/VHF vehicular radios. This tender and the one above were issued in August, 2022. Traumland is now supplying Thales radios, some 120 sets.

Barisan Baiduri Malaysia Sdn Bhd. RM37.88 million for small arms and virtual training simulator. Checks on Eperolehan showed no tender issued though it might have been named differently.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Sad to see that orders that had already been fulfilled LAST YEAR are shamelessly touted in this event.

    If for those recently completed this year, or ongoing I can still understand.

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