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A close up of the Command Centre Platform at the 2022 Merdeka Day parade. Malaysian Defence.

SHAH ALAM: Army command centre platform (CCP) made its public debut at the 65th National Day Parade at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. Although the 2020 tender called for four CCP, only one vehicle took part in the parade during the rehearsals and today (August 31st). The CCP is based on a MAN truck chassis was painted black though it is equipped with blue flashing lights over its radiator.

Not much can be ascertained from the CCP taking part in the parade apart that it’s not armed, have moveable awnings, a single door on the right side and it sat very low to the ground.

I am no technical expert, but it is likely the vehicle is not meant for off-road due to its low ground clearance. Perhaps, it’s the driver can adjust the ride height, but it is likely to be limited really. Being a C2 platform it is likely equipped with various antennas that is stowed while not in use. Clearly this is not the OCCV.

Army chief General Zamrose Mohd Zain and his officers posed with the OCCV prior to departure. TD picture

The tender for CCP was awarded to Mindmatics Sdn Bhd, which have been supplying various electronic warfare equipment and similar services to the Army since 2008. The contract for the supply of the CCP is listed on the Eperolehan website at RM17.7 million. Mindmatics is also the company that won the Army’s section radio contract last year, beating the incumbent Sapura.
The CCP is following behind the two GGK Uro Vamtac RIV at the National Day dress rehearsal on August 29.

According to the company website, the contract for supply, delivery, testing and accrediting Command Centre Platform for Tentera Darat is from February 4, 2021, to February 3, 2024.
Note the door on the cabin of the CCP.

As it is unlikely, we will get any detail explaination on the CCP, listed below are the specifications made available for the tender issued in 2020.

A rigid truck based on a flatbed chassis 2) Meet requirement as a transporter to carry at least three (3) personnel with equipment, a fully equipped command centre cabin, and completed
supporting equipment.
Cabin and System: 1) Comply to ISO 20ft cabin and military specification with EMC. 2) Transportable by a rigid truck and able to expand manually on the left and right panel. 3) Provide infrastructure
for command and control system, operator workstation, commander workstation and technical workstation. 4) Interoperable with in-service communication equipment. 5) Upgradeable.
Supporting Equipment: 1) Set of Basic Automotive Engineering Toolkit for repairing all related equipment during operation. 2) Set of Electronic Field Toolkit. 3) Set of Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool to diagnose the vehicle failure for maintenance purposes adequately.
Petender yang berjaya hendaklah menyediakan sebuah prototaip Command Centre Platform selepas SST ditandatangani

Cendana Auto FFR vehicle for the Signals units.

Based on the last paragraph, I am assuming that the vehicle that made the parade is the prototype CCP with the rest still being manufactured. It is also interesting to note that the CCP was placed with the Special Operations Division contingent – the unit reports directly to the Armed Forces chief – during the parade, making it likely the vehicle is meant for their operations. I stand to be corrected of course. Happy Merdeka.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. An issue with the CCP is that it’s a large target which emits radio/electronic signature With the proliferation of UASs, ground looking radars, EW and other things there is a need for smaller command posts/facilities with less of an electronic and radio signature; the war in the Ukraine were numerous divisional and higher level Russian command lost were neutralised is a sharp reminder.

  2. in a war, commanders will die.

    if you have to die, you might as well die in air-conditioned glory rather than hiding in a mud hole.

  3. in a war, commanders will die”

    No they “don’t” have to..

    They might get killed or injured but all precautions have to taken because commanders take years and money to train; are not easily replaced and losing them will have an overall bearing..

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