MIFV Upgrade On?

Two MIFVs taking part in the National Day parade rehersal on August 29, 2022.

SHAH ALAM: MIFV upgrade on? It appears that the MIFV upgrade – some 100 plus units – is expected to take off soon. As reported previously the MIFV upgrade was expected to take place either concurrently or after the same programme for the Adnan.

The handover ceremony of the MIFVs between 10th Para Brigade and the 4th MP Company on 4th October. The 10 Para now operates the MIFV to replace their Scorpions. BTDM

An inkling that the MIFV upgrade will be green lighted soon appeared out of nowhere as an MOU between, MRA Global Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian with a Thai counterpart, Thai Defence Institute Ltd (TDI) was signed in Bangkok on August 29. MRA Global according to its website is a company which specialised in repair of electrical components for the oil and gas industry.
Chaiseri 4X4 lineup, the AV4, the reconnaissance First Win 4X4 and First 4X4.

TDI is a JV between Thai-state owned defence research organisation, Defence Technology Institute and Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Company. Chaiseri is the company that developed our Lipan Bara. Chaiseri had ceased its involvement with Malaysian companies following the arrests of several Malaysian defence industrial personalities in 2019.Investigations Into Gempita and Adnan Deals
Adnans from 12th RMR with the sole 14th RMR MIFV (right).

Defence Ministry secretary-general DS Abdul Muez Abdul Aziz witnessed the MOU signing ceremony between MRA Global and TDI. That said it was an MOU that might never take off if the government did not fund the MIFV upgrade programme. It is the same for the Adnan programme. That said the presence of the ministry’s highest ranking civil servant for the MOU signing ceremony, bodes well for future of the MIFV programme.
Two Lipan Bara MRAP taking part in the National Day parade full rehersal on August 29, 2022.

That said I have been told that at least two local companies are also eyeing partnership with foreign partners to bid for the same upgrade programme. One of the foreign partner is Hyundai Rotem, the OEM of the MIFV from South Korea. Whether or not this will happen is beyond me at this point.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Though outwardly similar I don’t know their mechanicals. Could the MIFV also use those Adnan upgrades/updates? I think it involves powerpack, transmission, and suspension ya? If yes, then it would save more money to go for single source for both and homogenise the fleet. Just my 2 kupang.

    BTW Marhalim, supposedly there should have been news on the stalled OPV by now since its ady end of Aug. Heard any updates?

  2. Oh I see. So what this MIFV upgrade entails then? Seems like its going to be very minor in that case.

    2nd week of Sept huh? Tho I won’t be surprised if by then they will say in Oct, Nov, etc…
    Have they resolved the slipway blockage issue?

  3. “So what this MIFV upgrade entails then?”

    What do you think? Similar to other “upgrades” or refurbishing performed on other vehicles [the Condors used to worked on by MMC]: new batteries; new brake pads; overhaul of the engine and transmission; new wiring; new rubber seals; new seats; servicing the trim vane and bilge pump, etc. Might even involve servicing the NBC system.

    I would be pleasantly surprised if it involved a RWS [we looked at it more than a decade ago]; thermals and a slight increase in protection – highly unlikely.

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