Imported VHF Section Radios

STE TRC 5200 VHF 5 watt handheld radio.

SHAH ALAM: Imported VHF Section radios. Back in LIMA 2019, Sapura Thales Electronic Sdn Bhd (STE) launched a new military VHF radio, the TRC 5200. The company said the new generation section VHF radio, was fully designed and developed in Malaysia by STE and will be available in the market worldwide by the third quarter of 2019.

According to STE then, field trials have been performed in several countries worldwide including Malaysia, and the company expects to sell more than 10,000 units of these new generation radios within the next five years, as the first-generation radios has a proven track record across markets.

PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad testing the new STE TRC 5200 VHF radio at Lima 2019.

Unfortunately, for the moment, STE will not be supplying these Malaysian made radios to the Army as it appears that it had lost the tender to supply the VHF Section radios to another company. This was confirmed when the Eperolehan issued a multi-modal transport operator (MTO) quotation notice to ship some 1,000 units of the VHF section radios, from overseas, on January 13.
A Special Forces officerstalks on his radio with his signaller. RSD picture.

The public portion of the notice did not identify the port of loading for the radios nor its OEM. I have been made aware of the make. However, as there are many copy-paste experts out there I am not revealing it here. That said I must admit that some people out there are aware of the manufacturer.
A mannequin fitted with the Army’s Future Soldier System together with an optic equipped M4 Carbine at DSA 2018.

Anyhow since it is being imported we know for certain that STE did not win the tender as it is supposed to manufacture them here. It is likely another Sapura linked company, Sapura LTAT Sdn Bhd will be involved in the maintenance of the new radios as it has been doing that job for sometime now.
Our Future Soldier System. Not all of the sub-system of the FSS has been selected. The soldier is displaying the Sapura Thales radio system already in service.

It must be noted that STE was the supplier for the Army’s Future Soldier System and it was expected to piggy back that experience/contract to sell the TRC 5200 as part of the Army’s signals modernisation programme. I am not aware of the latest development of the FSS though it certainly does not bode well for STE’s further involvement in the programme.

Anyhow, before you said in the comments section about the big announcement (above) by the Defence Minister today, I did not, trust me. There was nothing new in the announcement anyhow. The Pendekars are just coming from maintenance and the Gempitas are from the 2012 order. The rest are the usual or already known stuff. As usual the elephant in the room was mentioned but in passing only and without anything new.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. In open tender competition, one has to be 3Cs; capable, competitive, cost conscious. No longer can local companies count on closed purchases as before, that focuses on the other 3Cs; cronyism, cable, cash.

    Not just Sapura but also for other local products, if they cannot be competitive in the open market they are just not good enough for our boys. If STE want to win back this contract, they better buck up.

  2. A little bit more elaboration on the really interesting bits of Menhan speech:

    The A400Ms will be getting NSOC2.5 upgrades, in line with the EU models, which includes:
    1)the ability to drop parachuters simultaneously with automatically released parachutes
    2)the ability to drop loads using the extraction method
    ground system independent instrument approaches
    3)further optimised self-protection system (level 2b)
    4)an initial capability for automatic low-level flight.
    These are in preparation for the final major update SOC3.

    SLEP of Hornets will continue. This being long delayed due to Covid restrictions of sending them to Aus. But there is questions of what will replace in their stead. If the Kuwaiti Hornets could come in, we could rotate the fleet keeping ready numbers available and eventually upgrading the Kuwaiti Hornets when its their turn.

    TLDM planning for 8 new 2nd batch LMS. With this numbers are firmed, it appears its going to materialise sooner than later.

  3. Marhalim, have you read the Berita H today. Apparently the army is getting 7 additional PT91M?! Aset tambahan is the phrase used.

  4. Are those 31 Gempitas received new units that were yet to be delivered or the same, existing units back from overhaul?

  5. Ahh, noted. On a side note, PUTD have mothballed their Nuris so is the replacement program still ongoing?

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