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KD Keris arriving at the Sepanggar naval base jetty for the welcoming ceremony

KOTA KINABALU: Welcome Home, Keris. KD Keris RMN’s first LMS was welcomed home at the Sepanggar naval base here today. Sabah Governor Tun Juhar Maharudin welcomed Keris 45 crew members led by her first commanding officer Cdr Zulkarnain Rawi.

Speaking to the media following the ceremony, RMN chief Adm. Mohd Reza Mohd Sany said the navy wanted more LMS either built overseas or locally. He did not say however whether the government had given the nod for more LMSs.

The LMS class ships was an important development for RMN, Mohd Reza said as it allowed more hulls to be operational considering most of fleet consisted of old ships with high maintenance costs. Due to the limited number of ships, RMN last year had to operate KD Baung for some 260 days at sea last year.

KD Keris arriving at the Sepanggar naval base jetty for the welcoming ceremony

“I hope the people will reminded of the sacrifices made by the crew of the ship when they talked about the navy and the investment needed to keep our ships at sea. Mohd Reza said Sundang, the second of class LMS is scheduled to arrive at Sepanggar this April. The two other LMS – yet to be named- are expected to sail home in May and August, 2021.
KD Keris being escorted by two CB90s to the welcoming ceremony

Keris was commissioned into service on Jan. 6 at Qidong, Shanghai, China where the ship was officially delivered to the RMN on Dec.31, 2019.Work on the other two LMS are underway at the Wuhan shipyard where Keris and Sundang were built and are expected to be launched by mid of next year.
Sabah Governor Tun Juhar at the bridge of KD Keris.

The government signed a contract with Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) for the supply of the four LMS, in 2017. BNS contracted with China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Corporation (CSOC) for the design and manufacture of the LMS. Originally two of the LMS were to be built in China with another two built at the BNS facility in Pulau Jerejak, Penang. However a revision of the contract terms in early 2019 saw the contract price reduced and the last two LMS to be built in China.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. It’s a LMS…not LCS.
    (Now everybody knows how you are eagerly waiting fot those LCS….😂).

    A typo, thanks for spotting it

  2. Selamat datang KD Keris.
    Nampak besar pula kapal LMS ni bila tgk saiz anggota yg ada di atas tu.

  3. @ A

    The LMS is actually the same size as our Laksamana class corvettes. But obviously with way lighter armament and sensors; not to mention slower top speed (22 knots vs 36 knots) and shorter range (2000 nautical miles at 16 knots vs 2300 nautical miles at 18 knots)

    Anyway i dont think we would be able to use them where it matters the most, against encroaching chinese fishing vessels and coast guard ships in south china sea. Why we really need our MMEA OPVs and TLDM LCS to be ready as soon as possible.

  4. Welcome home indeed. This is better than the old decrepit vessels that can breakdown anytime. Anyway let’s see how reliable this vessel will be. May Allah protect all those who sail with her. Aamin

  5. Now that its finally here, can we finally find out what kind of modular mission module system it uses please?

  6. Quite okay i must say..better than kcr 60 tni at least in term of build and endurance as keris is told to be able to wistand high seastate ..Modules can come later..for now just get the hulls as tldm badly need them to replace aging fac, laksamana corvettes, minehunters n kd perantau..i wanna be positive about this..they will be another batch of lms after first 4 is done..

  7. Thanks for the good news. Will they be home based at sepanggar or sandakan?

    The chief did not say it

  8. @ panca

    Welcome to malaysiandefence. Are you from indonesia?

    The Sampari class are not perfect, the design is to have plenty of upgrades and modifications planned for the new batch. But as a locally designed and built ship, i am really impressed. Also impressed on how indonesia manage to build its warships at amazing costs. The new batch for KCR60 costs just rupiah 210 milliar each (around USD 15.4 million). The 1st batch cost about USD9 million each.

  9. 111 already arrived , 112 on sea trial … the other two , what the current progress on them?

    Just started construction

  10. Firdaus – “.Modules can come later..for now just get the hulls as tldm badly need them to replace aging fac, laksamana corvettes, minehunters n kd perantau”

    Firdaus – “wanna be positive about this“

    Very true. New hulls are needed ASAP for current day to day commitments; the problem is that many ships that enter service “fitted for” but “not with” remain “fitted for”. Thus the mission modules may come “later” or might never come at all. A decision might be made to place resources on the 2nd LMS batch (whenever they come). The truck is to ensure some level of commonality between both; hard to do if the 2nd batch is not sourced from China (doubtful under the present leadership here).

    There is also the question of what modules to source, from where, in what quantities and if they indeed meet the RMN’s requirements. We can hope but can’t assume that just because others are satisfied with the modular mission payload approach (in terms of the overall capabilities provided); that it’ll be the same with the RMN.

    All this really remains to be seen and matters are not helped by having a government which is uncommitted and undecided. Sure we can be “positive” but also have to be “realistic”.

  11. Off topic.

    Kalau TUDM sewa helikopter daripada syarikat swasta, adakah helikopter yg disewa itu akan dicat dengan camo/warna TUDM?

    Of course lah

  12. Hoping it will be a OG color ala nuri

    No lah most likely the drab grey as on the EC725s

  13. Can these ships be fitter with western equipment or are they meant to work with Chinese only?

    Only commercial stuff only, the bridge is fitted with European made stuff, the navigation and scanner radars are Sperry Marine ones from the US. The engines are MTU 4000 series

  14. A question of batch 2 of the LMS

    1. Will it still be the same LMS 68 design?

    2. If it will still be the LMS 68, would it be upgunned? Can it be build at less than USD20 million each?

    3. Would it be a different design?

    4. When would the plans for the modules be confirmed?

  15. @…
    1. The next batch of LMS high probability will not the same design. As we all know under the revised price all 4 LMS are built in china. So no tech of transfer.

    2. I doubt the price will be less the $20 million for the next batch. Local shipyard is inefficient and too many impossible hands. I recommend next batch also buy directly from others under G to G agreement. Indonesia can built the bigger ship for less price. If RMN need a bigger opv there is a new design OPV 90 metres can be built by indonesian. I’m certain their 90m OPV will cheaper then current LMS.

    3. Already answered.

    4. For the modules just wait and see maybe wait and wait never can be seen

  16. Off topic

    Many indonesian are upbeat defending their menhan wanting to buy rafales, gowinds and scorpenes.

    My opinion.

    Do not trash other peoples defence buy as you never know you will turn up to buy them too. Funny when we buy scorpenes and gowinds they are trash, but indonesia wants to buy them they are the best in the world.

    I would also be happy if they really do buy the rafales. As this would definitely derail its IF-X project, as 48 rafales would probably cost USD7 billion or thereabouts. It would add another type to its fighter fleet, increasing support costs, and it would only be state of the art like barely 10 years before being obsoleted by their own stealthy IF-X. Seriously it is a waste of money and would be better spent to buy cheaper F-16V and into IF-X R&D instead.

  17. @…
    I think it is frech jounalist mistake to quote. Indonesia almost impossible to buy rafale or scorpene. Both are pricey and only give logistic problem

    IMO, indonesian need the frenchy to equip their future 48 IFX with their tech. The future IFX will adopt EU tech but the engine from US. US is refused to give several tech to equip IFX.

    Indonesia probably will go for turkey or germany for the next batch of subs. Highly they will pick turkey Reis sub or type 214.

    Indonesia will go for 138-150 metres ship. Gowind 2500 is much shorter than that. Indonesia already eyeing Iver Huitfeldt since last year. China intrusion in natuna lately could accelerate their iver aquisition.

    Indonesian menhan is on window shopping right now.

  18. @ romeo

    If malaysia needs more OPVs, it must be bought under MMEA, not TLDM.

    If it is under MMEA, technically it is now not a “warship” and with it all the diplomatical advantages when operated as a coast guard cutter.

  19. @…
    Maybe they know something that we don’t know about the kfx just like d Chang bogo . A twin engine 4.5 fighter that going to cost less than rafale despite the smaller number built sounds 2 good 2 be true. Another f2?.But i agree it’s funny 2 see the Indonesian trying very hard to defend d Chang bogo.wakaka.karma is a bitch. Ha3

  20. That is only media speculation France, Indonesia does not need a new fighter outside the Sukhoi and F16 types, what we need is to stay focused on ifx and develop local black eagle uavs, procuring F16 BLOCL 70/72 will be signed by midyear, For the navy, 2 heavy frigates and 2 90 meter opv will follow in the middle of the year

  21. @…
    IMO, LMS (litoral Mission Ship) is sound similar with OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) only different operator. LMS is operated by RMN, OPV is operated by MMEA. Both are simply patrol ship only LMS is more have chance to be armed better.

    LMS is too pricey. I only want to show an alternative ship that cheaper, bigger and more space if the ship will be armed.

  22. 20 million? I thought the price of one LMS is 50 million dollar us each

    Also, let local shipbuilder come up with their own design and go from there. Just because Bousted had some issue with LCS (which may or may not be entirely their problem. government flip flopping policy is partly to blame either) doesn’t mean every shipbuilders is Malaysia is problematic. People like THHE, PME, Shin Yang, et cetera are also capable of building OPV or any other patrol craft.

  23. @ dundun

    Yes we paid (boustead) for the 4 LMS 68 for USD62 million each. But that ship, in its current condition IMO should realistically cost just around USD20 million each.

    Why do I say so? China has sold much more bigger and better armed OPVs to other countries for less. For example the P18N, a 98m long 1800ton displacement OPV sold to Nigeria for just USD42 million each.


    Indonesia actually built the BAKAMLA 80m OPV at a quarter of the price of 1 LMS 68.

  24. “Indonesia has the same problem as malaysia. Additional OPVs should be under BAKAMLA, not TNI AL.”

    Actually they don’t have much problem, as for the price we paid for one LMS, they can get 2.5 OPVs, or even one Makassar class LPD with some change.

  25. @ hornet lover

    What i meant is which service the OPV should be under (should be BAKAMLA, not TNI AL).

    Of course they have enviably good shipbuilding industry that could build superbly priced ships. Can our own shipbuilding industry be as good as them price wise?

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