More Details on LCA and UAV RFI

SHAH ALAM: More details on LCA and UAV RFI. The Dewan Rakyat has published the written answers on RMAF LCA and UAV RFI based in questions posed by Tanjung Malim MP Chang Lih Kang. Chang asked the names of the LCA and UAV models and companies involved and the amount of money allocated for their purchase.

The answer from RMAF stated that the RFI for LCA and UAV were issued in December 2018. It said the purpose of the RFI were to obtain the basic information, packages and basic cost in order to prepare rough estimates of the cost and no money had been reserved for the programme.

Boeing T-X

Boeing T-X. Saab

“RMAF has not shortlisted any aircraft or UAV for the time being. As requested RMAF named the LCA and the companies which acted as the agents for them for the RFI. What is interesting about the list is that one aicract, the L-15B from AVIC is represented by two local companies. Two aircraft not mentioned previously by Malaysian Defence are the Aero Vodochy L-39NG and the Boeing TX.

1.Pesawat FA-50 keluaran Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. melalui syarikat Kemalak Systems Sdn Bhd;
2.Pesawat TEJAS keluaran Hindustan Aeronautic Limited melalui syarikat Forte Drus Sdn Bhd;
3.Pesawat JF-17 keluaran Pakistan Aeronautical Complex melalui syarikat Kharisma Wira Sdn Bhd;
4.Pesawat YAK-130 keluaran Rosoboronexport/Irkut Corporation, Rusia melalui syarikat Sovereign Strategic (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd;
5.Pesawat M-346 keluaran Leornardo/Alenia Aermacchi, Itali melalui Leonardo (Malaysia Office);
6.Pesawat L-15B keluaran China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC), China melalui syarikat Takamaya Sdn Bhd;
7.Pesawat L-15B keluaran China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC), China melalui syarikat Paragon Avtech Sdn Bhd;
8.Pesawat L-39NG keluaran Aero Vodochody Aerospace, Republik Czech melalui syarikat VisionGen Group; dan
9.Pesawat Boeing T-X keluaran Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Amerika Syarikat melalui syarikat Quantum Virtuality.

AVIC L-15 Falcon. Wikipedia

RMAF also provided a similar list of the UAV and the companies representing them.

1.UAV ANKA keluaran Turkish Aerospace Industries, Turki melalui syarikat Unmanned System Technology Sdn Bhd;
2.UAV ANKA keluaran Turkish Aerospace Industries, Turki melalui syarikat Quantum Virtuality;
3.UAV Predator-B keluaran General Atomics Aeronautical, Amerika Syarikat melalui syarikat Insansiz Aircraft System Sdn Bhd;
4.UAV Wing Loong 2 keluaran China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC), China melalui syarikat Paragon Avtech Sdn Bhd;
5.UAV Patroller keluaran Safran Electronic & Defense, Perancis melalui Safran Aerospace Defense Security Malaysia Sdn Bhd;
6.UAV CH-4 keluaran China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC), China melalui syarikat Mount Matrik Sdn Bhd;
7.UAV Watchkeeper keluaran Thales, United Kingdom melalui Thales Malaysia Sdn Bhd;
8.UAV Orion-E keluaran Kronstadt Technologies, Rusia melalui syarikat Alaf Research & Technology;
9.UAV Falco Evo keluaran Leonardo, Itali melalui Leonardo (Malaysia Office); dan
10.UAV Aurora keluaran Amerika Syarikat melalui syarikat VisionGen Group

Patroller-S is a safe and high-performance system developed to fulfill all types of homeland security missions for police forces, customs, border control, civil or environmental protection, etc. This the cilivian version of the Patroller – Safran

Based on the list, we now know that the ANKA UAV is also represented by two companies Unmanned System Technology and Quantum Virtuality. UMST is a joint venture company between CTRM ( a member of DRB Hicom, SCS Sdn Bhd and Ikramatic Sdn Bhd. As for Quantum a Google search revealed that it’s an IT company. No other information was available.

The list also identified five other UAVs not previously mentioned in Malaysian Defence namely the Patroller, CH-4, Watch Keeper, Orion E and Aurora. It must be noted that both the Patroller and Watch Keeper have been marketed previously to Malaysia while the others are new entrants to the market.

As the Defence Ministry has confirmed that it will be buying the MALE UAV in the next RMK it will be interesting to see which one will be selected for the programme. It must be noted that Jordan recently announced its selling its CH-4 drones.


CH-4 drone

And before any one say it in the comments, no, I dont think it is a good idea for Malaysia to buy these drones from Jordan. It is unlikely CASTC will support them even though the drones are almost brand new. It is likely Jordan dumped them as they were not working as advertised so why we should get them even it is cheap.

— Malaysian Defence

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