Light Anti-Structure Weapons For Commandos

SHAH ALAM: Light anti-structure weapons (LASW) for commandos. The Army is looking to buy 1,500 LASW for the Special Services Group or Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) according to a request for bids (RFB) issued by the Eperolehan website on September 2. The 21 day RFB will close September 23.

The available specifications:

There is requirement to equip the Special Service Group units with a Light Anti-Structure Weapon Disposable System to be used by Special Forces personnel during operations and trainings.

Instalaza C-90. Instalanza

The numbers being sought is 1,500 units. The GGK had been pictured with the Instalaza C90 disposable light anti-tank/anti structure weapons, in the past so it is likely that the Spanish made weapon will start as the favourite, simply by being the incumbent. Since we did not have the detailed specifications, I am not sure whether the anti-structure version of the M72 LAW could also be offered for this RFB. It is certainly lighter and cheaper than the C90 but it has a smaller warhead. Less bang for buck then.
A paratrooper firing a M72 LAW as the Pandura team fires en masse at an exercise in March 2021. Note the trooper carrying a LAW on his pack. BTDM picture.

Apart from the LASW RFB, the Army is looking to purchase 20,000 environmentaly friendly training hand grenades. The available specifications:

There is a requirement to equip the Malaysian Army with Eco Friendly Training Hand Grenade (EFTHG) for training purpose. The EFTHG is intended for use to simulate realistic explosive effect during combat
training. The sound effect, smoke and body blasting provide realistic training environment so that soldiers can get great confidence of handling live hand grenade. The EFTHG is made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protection that prevent pollution by fragments of the
training hand grenade, even though the fragments are not recovered. It also has great safety characteristics because its fragmentation and flames would not cause any injury or harm even if it explodes close to the thrower.

A soldier being trained to throw a hand grenade. BTDM

Like the LASW RFB, the eco-friendly training grenade RFB was also published on September 2 and closes on September 23.

— Malaysian Defence

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