Truck Cranes For Army’s Sappers

A Tadano truck mounted crane. Used for illustration only. Tadano

SHAH ALAM: The engineering units of the Army are getting new eight (likely) truck mounted cranes soon. This is based on a MTO tender to ship these cranes back from Japan to Malaysia. As usual, the manufacturer of the truck mounted cranes is not mentioned but it is likely its Tadano, the well known crane manufacturer from Japan. I stand to be corrected of course.

I am saying it is likely eight truck mounted cranes the sappers are getting as it was the only the tender that fit the MTO one. The tender for the eight truck mounted cranes were published in June, last year.
From the tender specifications:

Bridging Crane 15 Tonne is a truck-based crane used for lifting heavy equipment, ancillaries, and engineer stores for a minimum of 15 tonnes during the construction of bridges in both Combat and Communication Zones to maintain the mobility of ground troops

Although the tender award has not been published publicly, it appears that the contract has been given to a company as the MTO tender is already published. Seventeen bidders took part in the truck mounted cranes tender with the cheapest bid was listed at RM17 million and the highest at RM19.4 million. Based on the bids, I am guessing that 17 bidders actually came from not more than three different companies (using different registered entities to make the bid).

Sappers from 91 Rejimen Bantuan RAJD, Kem Batu Kentonmen posed for pictures after completing the asembly of a Bailey bridge at the camp in November, 2020. Rejimen Jurutera

It is not unusual for the contract to be awarded to a company without naming them as we had seen in the past. Here. Here.
The site of the installation of the Bailey bridge in Ulu Dong, Pahang, in January 2021. Note the yellow truck mounted crane, likely hired locally. BTDM

Anyhow, the truck mounted cranes are likely to be issued to bridging unit of the Rejimen Askar Jurutera DiRaja like the 91 Regimen Bantuan based at Batu Kantomen camp which is usually tasked with building emergency bridges in the peninsular. Perhaps they will also used the new China made logistics support bridges recently bought.
Two Army prime movers carrying the Bailey-style bridges to their location in early 2021. 91 Regimen.

It is interesting to note that in the last few years, 91 Rejimen had used locally based truck mounted cranes to support their emergency bridge building. It is likely that the higher command wants to see a digital camouflage truck mounted crane involved as well for PR purposes apart from making sure the sappers gets their fair share of the Army’s recapitalisaton funds. The emergency bridges are already shipped to the scene on Army trucks (though not digitally camoed as these are old low loader prime movers) so might as well ge the cranes as well.

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  1. There is TADANO and also there is KATO so it could be either brand. Both are popular in the construction industry here and both have extensive networks, so TDM made the right call to get a popular branded crane.

    But no armoured bulldozer or backhoes for the sappers?

  2. Nope, I was told no one has the actual date at the moment. As I said earlier the target date is for the launch of the first OPV is by August so hand over by late this year or early next year

  3. Setelah selesai kesemua penerimaan bot ini, barulah kita boleh merangka pelan jangka panjang, iaitu apa jenis aset yang perlu ditambah, penambahbaikan yang perlu dibuat dan sebagainya.

    How pathetic the situation is for APMM. They can’t plan anything since they got no guarantee when they are getting their assets.

  4. I am pessimistic for the future not only about the state of our finances but the fact that most of our civil servants, the people who can make the politicians change (even slightly) have been taught for the last 30 years that we are not going to war. So if there is no drastic changes in the next decade or so (god forbid), the current junior civil servants will have the same mentality. And no matter what we say will changed that

  5. I am not really sure with why delay happening so many times for Navy/MMEA Ship..even for rehull KD Laksaman Amin the EOFCS tender submission only done last month…

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