LCA Updates Tejas again?

SHAH ALAM: LCA updates, Tejas again? India’s Economic Times has reported that a team from the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) will be visiting Bengaluru within the next two months to evaluate the HAL Tejas LCA Mk1 . Bengaluru is of course the capital of India’s Kartanaka state where the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd LCA-Tejas plant is located.

Since February, Indian media have been reporting that Tejas was among the favourites for the RMAF LCA programme.

HAL Tejas MK 1 LCA. Indian Air Force

From Economic Times

A Malaysian Air Force team is expected to visit India soon to assess the suitability of the light combat aircraft (LCA), a locally developed system that has recently been ordered in large numbers by the Indian Air Force (IAF), as the force looks to acquire aline of new fighter jets. The Malaysian team is likely to visit Bengaluru within two months, depending on travel restrictions, and will be given a full tour of the LCA production facilities, test infrastructure as well as a demonstration of i ..

One of the two Tejas landing at the Langkawi airport on Friday. Alert 5 photo.

For more go here. I have no further information about this apart from the article above.
One of the two RTAF T-50 at Kuantan airbase in Jan,. 2018. via @KaptRahmat

It is interesting to note however that Senior Minister and Minister of International Trade and Industry Mohamed Azmin Ali during his official visit to South Korea this week attended a dinner hosted by the Korean Aerospace Industries. Mohamed Azmin stated in his social media
RTAF T-5OTH 40101 at Kuantan airport in 2018.

I was delighted to attend the dinner hosted by the President of Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), South Korea’s leading aerospace and defence company, with global competitiveness through indomitable will and continuous efforts.

KAI has developed the Korea Space Launch Vehicle (KSLV)-II and a variety of satellites. KAI’s production include several foreign-designed aircraft via licensing arrangements and it has produced its own aircraft designs.

The President of KAI indicated support in developing human capital in the aerospace industry in Malaysia including transfer of technology and establishing a Centre of Excellence to train Malaysians in defence aerospace industry.

KAI also expressed interest to cooperate with RMAF in MRO activities. In this regard, KAI will continue discussion with RMAF.

A photo on RTAF FB page celebrating the delivery of the two T-50THs on Jan. 25, 2018.

I am not conflating the Indian news article and the senior minister posts as confirming that the LCA programme is on the move but it does indicate that industry is looking towards something definitive from Malaysia very soon or at least by year end. For my take on whats going on go here.
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