Defence Contract

Meteor Integration on KAI KF-X

SHAH ALAM: Meteor Integration on KAI KF-X. Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) has awarded a contract to European missile manufacturer, MBDA, to integrate the Meteor BVR missile on the KF-X, the future Korean fighter aircraft. The CGI provided showed four missiles being fitted on the lower fuselage of the fighter. A […]

Asean and Malaysia

Bring It On Home

SHAH ALAM: Bring it on Home. It appears that there is more to the RTAF T-50TH arrival at Kuantan airport on Jan. 10. Initially I was told that the two T-50THs made a brief stop-over at Kuantan as part of its ferry flight from South Korea to Thailand. News reports […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Thai T-50s in Kuantan

SHAH ALAM: Thai T-50THs in Kuantan. It appears that Korean Aerospace are working hard to get the T-50 light jet trainer into the RMAF. Last year they took part in LIMA series exhibition in Langkawi. The Black Eagles then conducted a display over Kuala Lumpur, over the skies of KLCC. […]