Third CN-235 to Bandung

RMAF CN-235 M44-01 after her arrival in Bandung. RMAF

SHAH ALAM; Third CN To Bandung . The third RMAF CN-235 transporter has arrived in Bandung to be converted into an MSA on March 22. RMAF only announced the delivery of the aircraft – M44-01 – at Bandung on April 3. Tail number 01 was previously used as a VIP aircraft and was fitted as such though it was not as luxurious as the other aircraft used for that purpose.

01 trip to Bandung was preceded by the two other aircraft which went to Bandung for the same conversion paid by the US Maritime Security Initiative. Their story is here and here.

RMAF CN-235 M44-01 after her arrival at Bandung. RMAF

Release from RMAF.

BANDUNG, 22 Mac 21 – Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia telah menghantar pesawat ketiga dan juga yang terakhir bagi naik taraf pesawat Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) di bawah program Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) bagi pesawat CN235-220M. Pesawat tersebut yang berpangkalan di No 1 Skuadron, Pangkalan Udara Kuching telah menjangkau usia 20 tahun sejak mula beroperasi dari tahun 1999.
Pesawat yang diterbangkan dari Pangkalan Udara Subang pada 22 Mac 21 yang lalu oleh Mej Meor Ahmad Ali bin Dato’ Meor Abdul Wahab TUDM, dibantu oleh Kapt Mohamad Syahmi bin Dato’ Mohamad Ali TUDM selaku pembantu juruterbang serta Sjn U Faizol bin W Mohd Omar sebagai Kuatermaster Udara telah selamat mendarat di Lapangan Terbang Hussein Sastranegara, Bandung.
Proses induksi telah dilaksanakan oleh Pegawai Kejuruteraan No 1 Skn, Lt Arun Kumar Devan TUDM dan dibantu oleh Juruteknik No 1 Skn, Sjn U Rasman Anak Ato dan serah menyerah pesawat secara rasmi di antara pihak Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) dan PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) telah berjaya dilaksanakan dengan jayanya sebelum pesawat ini diteruskan bagi program naik taraf Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA).
Terdahulu pada 2 Sep 20, TUDM telah menghantar pesawat CN235-220M yang pertama dan pada 30 Sep 20, pesawat kedua di bawah program naik taraf yang sama telah berjaya dihantar ke Bandung. Ketibaan pesawat M44-01 di Bandung telah melengkapkan keseluruhan proses penghantaran pesawat khusus bagi menyokong usaha TUDM dalam melaksanakan Program Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) dan meningkatkan keupayaan negara dalam melindungi kepentingan strategik negara amnya.
TUDM juga telah menempatkan dua pegawai yang diketuai oleh Mejar Raja Ismail Fahmi bin Raja Ibrahim TUDM dan Mej Jaffar bin Mohamed Taib TUDM yang berperanan sebagai Field Technical Representative (FTR) sejak penghantaran pesawat pertama bagi menjayakan program naik taraf ini. Syabas dan sekalung penghargaan diucapkan kepada krew serta wakil TUDM yang terlibat.

RMAF personnel handing over the aircraft to PTDI representative following the delivery to Bandung. RMAF

As previously reported the aircraft will be fitted with a Carte Nav AIMS-ISR mission system which is also proposed for the RMAF MPA programme by De Havilland PAL Aerospace with its Dash 8 400 P-4 MPA.
A CGI mock-up of the AIMS-ISR workstation. Carte Nav.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, this is SLEP and conversion at the same time, correct?


  2. So they did take the VIP plane for conversion as I predicted. Wait, I thought the VIP plane was the sole -100 unit we got? Wasn’t it the transporters were -220s and the VIP -100?

    I am not sure of the mark

  3. When will the first two be ready?

    The first one should be ready by before end of the year

  4. The pair of CNs were acquired and paid for by the PM’s Department; configured to serve as VIP transports.

    Of the 6 CNs acquired by the RMAF to serve as tactical transports; 1 was often used to ferry high ranking officials. As such it was fitted with certain things but could if required be used for other taskings. Even with the Charlies; a VIP seating module can be fitted if required.

    The difference with the pair of
    VIP configured CNs (a sole example remaining( is that they are/were fitted with fixed/permanent seating and other things for their VIP tasking.

  5. Ah I see, cuz what was mentioned by others previously: “Also why do you need to convert the single remaining -110 VIP (the other 6 are -220 with improved structural modifications) aircraft? If not mistaken those -110 VIP aircrafts are not newbuilds.” (My mistake with -100, should be -110).

  6. The nose does not look like the VIP version we have.

    I could be wrong of course

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