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He said, She Said, Part…

SHAH ALAM: As I reported a few days ago, the Ministry of Finance has approved the Ministry of Defence to initiate negotiations to buy the world’s slowest MPA. Technical incompetency or shenanigans; I’ll let you decide. Further to my last article on the Malaysian MPA programme, I decided to take […]


He said, She Said, Part II

SHAH ALAM: He said, she said, Part II. In an earlier post, I asked will the attempt of transparency prompted by the LCS scandal prevent the MALE UAS, MPA and FLIT-LCA from becoming like the MD-530G and LCS projects or will Rahsia supersede everything even shenanigans, corruption, and collusion. Today […]

Malaysian Defence

Forward Operating Base

SHAH ALAM: Forward operating base. At the recent Parliament session, PM announced that a bare-bone airbase will be set up at Bintulu in Sarawak. Malaysian Defence reported that it is likely to be operating from the current Bintulu airport and it appears that RMAF designation for such a base is […]

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ISR Management System in Modern Warfare

SHAH ALAM: ISR management system in modern warfare. As I reported last week, the third RMAF CN-235 transporter is currently in Bandung being converted into a Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA). It will be fitted with CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR mission management system. This is the same system that has been proposed for […]

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Third CN-235 to Bandung

SHAH ALAM; Third CN To Bandung . The third RMAF CN-235 transporter has arrived in Bandung to be converted into an MSA on March 22. RMAF only announced the delivery of the aircraft – M44-01 – at Bandung on April 3. Tail number 01 was previously used as a VIP […]

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Dash 8 400 P-4 For RMAF MPA Tender

SHAH ALAM: Dash 8 400 P-4 For RMAF MPA Tender. PAL Aerospace has confirmed they have offered the De Havilland Dash 8 400 for the MPA tender that closed on December 3, 2020. The confirmation was made in a press release announcing the recent MOU signed by PAL Aerospace and […]