Dash 8 400 P-4 For RMAF MPA Tender

SHAH ALAM: Dash 8 400 P-4 For RMAF MPA Tender. PAL Aerospace has confirmed they have offered the De Havilland Dash 8 400 for the MPA tender that closed on December 3, 2020. The confirmation was made in a press release announcing the recent MOU signed by PAL Aerospace and the manufacturer of the Dash 8 400, De Havilland Canada.

A CGI of P-4 MPA by De Havilland and PAL Aerospace. PAL Aerospace

PAL Aerospace is the only company competing in the RMAF MPA tender that owns and operates MPA’s. In Canada the company operates a combination of two King Air’s and two Dash 8’s in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans while in the Caribbean the company operates two Dash 8 MPA’s. In 2008, the UAE Air Force selected PAL to design and supply its MPA fleet that fly in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf. Late last year the company was selected by the Dutch Coast Guard to supply and operate two Dash 8 MPA’s in support of that country’s surveillance requirements in the North Sea as well as periodic deployments in support of the European Coast Guard and Border Agency (FRONTEX).
MMEA Bombardier CL-415 M71-01 conducting water landing near NorthPort, Port Klang on july 15, 2016.

I recently contacted Keith Stoodley, regional CEO for PAL Aerospace based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. According to Stoodley, “While PAL may be lesser known in Malaysia than integrators like Leonardo and aircraft OEM Airbus, PAL has been designing, modifying, integrating and operating MPA’s for 35 years. PAL has been a frequent visitor to Malaysia since 2005. In 2008, we were awarded the contract to convert the MMEA’s two CL415 to MPA and in 2020 our subsidiary, CarteNav was awarded a contract to replace the mission management systems in the RMAF’s C235’s with the AIMS-ISR mission management system”.
Cl415 M71-01 landing at Subang in early November 2017

Stoodley noted that PAL was aircraft agnostic and that as such, has experience across a broad range of platforms manufactured by various OEM’s including the ATR-72 and C295. “Being aircraft agnostic brings with it the advantage of choosing the best aircraft for the application. During the RFI stage of the RMAF MPA tender, our proposal was based on the ATR-72. Once the RFP was issued, we concluded that the RMAF required the higher speed and altitude that could only be attained by the more powerful Dash 8 400”.
RMAF CN-235 M44-03 at PTDI facility in Bandung for conversion into MSA aircraft. PTDI

The 400 is the largest and most powerful of the Dash 8 product line that includes the 100, 200, 300 and 400. The Dash 8 is a preferred platform for special mission aircraft including MPA for many countries including the USA, Australia, and Japan.
De Havilland PAL Aerospace Dash 8 P-4. De Havilland.

When I asked Stoodley about PAL’s competition for the RMAF tender he noted that “our most likely competitor is ATR but we remain confident as only the Dash 8 has the power that the RMAF require. That along with the commonality that the AIMS-ISR mission management system has with other Malaysian assets and our commitment to establish PAL’s South East Asian Headquarters including a Dash 8 MRO in Malaysia, is the best value proposition for the RMAF.”

— Malaysian Defence

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