China’s Wing Loong II UAS

SHAH ALAM: China’s Wing Loong II UAS. According to the Wikipedia entry of the Wing Loong II MALE UAS, was developed and manufactured by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group in China. The UAS is an enlarged version of Wing Loong I with longer body and wider wing span.

It has a slender fuselage, V-tail and ventral fin. The aircraft features retractable landing gear, including two main wheels under the fuselage and one single wheel under the nose. Each wing has three hardpoints under the wings with capability of carrying bombs, rockets or air-to-surface missiles. A satellite communications antenna is situated on top front surface of the fuselage, offering long range data transmission between the UAV and the ground station

AVIC Wing Loong II mockup with the ordnance cleared for it displayed at LIMA 2019.

The Wing Loong II and its earlier variants, are reportedly in service with the China military and nine export users namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, UAE, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh.

AVIC Wing Loong II mockup at LIMA 19.

The UAS reportedly has been used in Yemen by the Saudis, Egypt in strikes against ISIS militants in Sinai and in the current Libyan conflict.

Wing Loong II. Copyright to the picture owner.

The Wing Loong II has a higher top speed than the Wing Loong I, higher ceiling of 9000 metres and an endurance of 32 hours. It can carry up to 200kg of ordnance.

A Wing Loong II UAS displayed at the Dubai Airshow 2017. Wikipedia

As reported previously, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) and local company Paragon Avtech Sdn Bhd, had proposed the Wing Loong II for the RFI issued by RMAF in late 2018. There were nine other UAVs which had responded to the RFI.
So its likely that the Wing Loong II was the version offered for the tenderMPA and MALE UAVs Out For Tender late last year.

— Malaysian Defence

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