Bidding Process for Next Stage of NCO

FSS soldier at an NCO exercise in May 2017. Note the optics.

SHAH ALAM: Bidding process for next stage of NCO. The Defence Ministry has started the tender process for the next stage of the Networked Centric Operations. That is how much I can say about the project as I am not purview to the tender as the documents are only available for qualified bidders on the eperolehan website.

From the etender website of the defence ministry we know that it is looking for bidders for the Phase 1B (1) of the NCO project. The bidding was advertised on Dec. 21 and closes on Feb. 7 next year.

Mobile X-band link fitted on Land Cruiser Prados part of the NCO system.

It is heartening note however that the ministry has restarted the tender process for major projects after putting it on hold for a review after the change of government following the May 9 general elections. Despite the review, contracts likely for those below RM1 million and mostly involved services – grass cutting etc – were still being tendered and issued. However the NCO tender is likely the costliest one advertised so far following the review process.

The inside of the ACV300 Command Control enabled for NCO.

Phase 1A of the NCO – developed by the Armed Forces with Sapura Secured Technologies as the lead vendor – cost some RM2 billion.

At launch of the Phase 1A, the then CDF Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zain called on the government to continue funding the project despite its high cost.

Soldiers of the 12th RMR on the move during an NCO exercise. TD picture.

Chief of Defence Forces General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin yesterday urged the government to continue funding the Armed Forces Network Centric Operations (NCO) project though the cost might be high.

He said the failure to fund the next phase of the NCO project – Phase 1B – would render the efforts and sacrifices in developing the first phase – Phase 1A – worthless. Phase 1A is the proof of concept stage while Phase 1B from 2017 to 2023 is the implementation part of the project.

Among others under Phase 1B will be the introduction of tactical data link to the RMAF’s F/A-18D Hornet fleet and later the Su-30MKM.

The battery pack for the FSS.

From the above passage we already know that the project is already behind the schedule.

For more on the NCO project go here. It is likely that Sapura will get the job for Phase 1B as it has already invested money and people into the project though it must be said that it had been criticised for the cost of the previous phase.

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Rather than networking the warfighter, they should look into equipping the men with sufficient gear and body armour.

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