Merdeka Day

GGK SIG-MPX Sub Guns in the Wild

SHAH ALAM: GGK Sig-Sauer MPX sub machine guns in the wild. At the Merdeka Day parade on August 31, the GGK brought out its newly acquired Sig-Sauer MPX sub-machine guns. The sub-machine guns were carried by GGK operators clad in black coverall in the parade (see below). As reported previously […]

Defence Contract

More Stuff Delivered For the Army, June 2023

SHAH ALAM: The Army has taken official delivery of trucks, 81mm mortars, boat trailers, assault boats, outboard motors and submachine guns in a ceremony held at the 92 Central Automotive Depot in Kuala Lumpur on June 8. Army chief General TS Mohammad Ab Rahman officiated the ceremony. Among the item […]

Defence Contract

Next Change, New Army Assault Rifles?

SHAH ALAM: Abu Dhabi headquartered, Edge Group on May 24 announced that it had signed an agreement with Malaysian-company Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd for the production and resale of Caracal CAR 816 assault rifle in Malaysia. Although the signing was conducted at LIMA 2023, Edge announced the signing through its […]