GGK SIG-MPX Sub Guns in the Wild

Have guns will travel. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: GGK Sig-Sauer MPX sub machine guns in the wild. At the Merdeka Day parade on August 31, the GGK brought out its newly acquired Sig-Sauer MPX sub-machine guns. The sub-machine guns were carried by GGK operators clad in black coverall in the parade (see below).

As reported previously by Malaysian Defence, the Army took official delivery of 155 MPX sub-machine guns amongst other stuff at a ceremony held last June.

GGK troopers with their SIG MPX sub machine gun at the 2023 Merdeka Day parade. BTDM

The contract for the 155 MPX was awarded to Flumen Technologies Sdn Bhd with an LOA of RM4.8 million.
10th Para Brigade contingent in the parade. The soldier on the right has a Beretta PMX strapped to his pack while carrying an M4A1 carbine. He is also equipped with a Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistol on his thigh strap. BTDM

As I was unable to attend the parade – include the rehearsals – pictures posted here were sourced from BTDM,MMEA and the RMP social media pages.
A Paskal trooper carrying a re-breather used for extended scuba diving and armed with a Beretta PMX posed for a photograph with a MMEA sailor and two dancers. MMEA.

It is also interesting to note that the other units of the Armed Forces armed with newish sub-machine guns were also parading their weapons at the parade.
MMEA STAR troopers with the H&K 416s AR and 9mm Glocks. APMM

The Berretta PMX sub-machine guns were in full force with the BKOP, 10th Para Brigade and Paskal troopers. It is also interesting to see designated marksman, sniper and anti-materiel rifles were also out on parade as their operators were part of the show.
VAT 69 (in mustard berets) and UTK (red beret) operators in the parade. The nearest trooper is carrying a RPG launcher and the one on his left is carrying a .338 bolt action rifle. The UTK trooper behind is also carrying a bolt action .338 sniper rifle. PRDM.

The operators were part of the military and the law enforcement agencies special operation teams.
Soldiers with different berets likely from the BKOP – Defence Special Forces Operations Division of the MAF on parade. Note the Paskal officer leading the operators is armed with the PMX submachine gun. The rest are carrying various type of bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. BTDM.

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  1. Just out of focus behind the MMEA STAR troopers with the H&K 416s are one of the 10 TDM Volvo buses, likely could be more in the area.

  2. Any idea why the Army did not display the NLAW until to date?

    It makes no sense that they are so secretive about the NLAW, which is just a short range ATGM, while at the same time calling an open tender to select a medium range ATGM and published its specifications for the public to read.

  3. Maybe its still new so don’t have used up or dummy NLAWs for display. A fully loaded unit is rather heavy to lug around in practice & parades after all.

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