Security Contract

Tender for MMEA Camouflage Uniforms

SHAH ALAM: The Home Ministry has issued a tender for a three year supply of 15,900 sets of camouflage uniforms for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). Apart from the camos – combination of black, beige, light purple and blue – the tender also calls for the supply of the […]

Merdeka Day

GGK SIG-MPX Sub Guns in the Wild

SHAH ALAM: GGK Sig-Sauer MPX sub machine guns in the wild. At the Merdeka Day parade on August 31, the GGK brought out its newly acquired Sig-Sauer MPX sub-machine guns. The sub-machine guns were carried by GGK operators clad in black coverall in the parade (see below). As reported previously […]

Asean and Malaysia

STAR Team On Point

SHAH ALAM: MMEA’s Special Task and Rescue Team (STAR) was instrumental in the seizure of an Iranian flagged oil tanker on July 7. The oil tanker MT Arman 114 was suspected of involvement in the illegal transshipment of crude oil to another vessel without a permit, the Indonesian Coast Guard […]

Defence Contract

Have HK Will Travel

SHAH ALAM: Have HK will travel. It appears that the MMEA Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) team has finally gotten their Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 assault rifles it had sought since 2014. An unknown number of the AR were delivered recently together with the HK SFP9 semi-automatic pistols, the […]

Defence Contract

Time to Move on From HK

SHAH ALAM: Time to move on from Heckler & Koch. In my post in Oct. 21. 2014, I wrote about the MMEA tender for small arms. The tender documents specifically stated that they wanted the HK416 A5s, HK UMPs and CZ pistols. I am told the numbers are small but […]

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Malaysia- MMEA


Repost SHAH ALAM: AS I was scouring my directories for sources to find out which yard got the MMEA/APMM NGPC tender, I was informed not to be bothered as the project will be re-tendered. Unfortunately, the people who told me the latest development on the NGPC were unable to give […]