Defence Ministry Contracts DSA 2022 Part 2

The Deftech Iveco 3-tonne GS Cargo truck. EL/SC

SHAH ALAM: As reported yesterday, the Defence Ministry publicly announced the signing of 54 contracts – LOAs, contracts and LOIs worth RM4.6 billion at the third of DSA 2022.

One of the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) announced yesterday was for DRB-Hicom Defence Techonologies Sdn Bhd (Deftech) for the supply and delivery of 150 Malaysian Army three-tonne General Services (GS) trucks with the contract price of RM59.7 million.

Iveco 3-tonne GS Cargo Truck on display at DSA 2022

The announcement did not identify the type of truck offered by Deftech but the truck was displayed at the company’s booth at DSA 2022. One will not be wrong to assume that it will be the Deftech Handalan II (an Isuzu truck) which had been the standard three-tonne GS cargo truck for the last two decades.
The Iveco 3-tonne GS Cargo truck on display at DSA 2022. Note the cargo lift.

This time around its not the Handalan but instead an Iveco three-tonne truck. This will be the fifth Iveco truck to enter service with the Malaysian army – after the prime mover, five-tonne truck, the Iveco Daily MRCS and likely another Daily as a gun tower.
Iveco 5 tonne GS trucks of the Depo Simpanan Pertahanan (Defence Storage Depot) being readied for deployment at the height of the 2014 floods. Internet.

It interesting to note that the tender for the three-tonne GS cargo truck was published in June 2021 and closed a month later. Seven companies entered the tender for the truck with Deftech bid coming in at the second highest. The Eperolehan website has yet to state that Deftech has been awarded the LOA though.
A Handalan II Cargo GS 4X4. BTDM

Deftech has not designated a name for the Iveco truck. It is likely to be called the Iveco by its end users though.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Changed GS trucks from Isuzu to Iveco, and GS pickup Land Rover to Isuzu+Toyota. Hopefully the GS trucks Sales & Service costs under the hood is much more or less the same for iveco compared to isuzu

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