Leonardo: the third and fourth Eurofighter Typhoons lands in Kuwait

Eurofighter Typhoon of Kuwaiti Air Force landing in the country on March 29, 2022. Credit Alessandro Maggia. Via Leonardo

SHAH ALAM: Leonardo on March 30 announced that the third and fourth Eurofighter Typhoons for the Air Force of Kuwait landed in the country, a day earlier. The delivery is in the framework of a wider order for a total of 28 aircraft that will be delivered to the Kuwait Air Force.

The ferry flight for the new Kuwaiti Eurofighters was made possible thanks to the Italian Air Force’s essential support, which guaranteed the “Air to Air Refueling trail”. This was achieved through a complex operational activity involving one KC-767A tanker from 14th Wing, Pratica di Mare.

Eurofighter Typhoon in Kuwaiti Air Force colours. Leonardo.

Guido Sibona, Vice President of Leonardo’s Eurofighter Programme, said: “I was very proud last month seeing Eurofighters to fly over Kuwait City during the National Day celebration, such as today increasing as planned the fleet. The Eurofighter Typhoons we have developed and produced for the Kuwait Air Force are the most advanced in the whole of the European program. In cooperation with the Italian Air Force we are providing the Country with an impressive air defence capability and we built state-of-the-art infrastructures to support and maintain a fleet of 28 aircraft.”

Kuwaiti Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon. CGI Leonardo

The Eurofighter Kuwait Programme is part of a wider and deeper collaboration between the Italian Air Force and the Kuwait Air Force, spanning over operations, pilots training and support.
The Italian Air Force is ensuring, in Italy, the initial training of the engineers and technicians who will support the Typhoon fleet activity in Country.
A CGI image of Typhoon with Kuwaiti Air Force colours. Eurofighter.

Leonardo also plays a key role in the evolution of the Eurofighter thanks to the new AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar that equips the Eurofighter Typhoons for Kuwait, which increases the aircraft’s performance and competitiveness.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Hopefully this will spur them to retire legacy Hornets earlier, giving us more reasons to get them while their hot.

  2. Every single Super Hornet that Kuwait has ordered also has been completed by Boeing way back in 2021.

    No idea on why the US are holding off the delivery of those Super Hornets to Kuwait.

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