Kota Kinabalu Open Ship Days

RMN MOH M503-3 landing at the Lumut air wing base on April 27. Stephanie See via Ed Liew

SHAH ALAM: As with the Sandakan naval base, Kota Kinabalu naval base is holding open ship days programme during this weekend (April 29 and 30). The announcement of the open ship programme for Kota Kinabalu base was made by the Eastern Fleet Command on its social media accounts, yesterday (April 28).

Similar open ships programmes were held on April 27 and 28 across RMN bases around the peninsula. The open ship programme was held in conjunction with the RMN’s 89 anniversary held on April 27.
Both Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu were not listed initially for the open ship programmes but held them based on feedback from the public.

KK Open Ship programme. RMN

It must be noted that both KD Keris (111) and KD Sundang (112) attached to the Eastern Fleet Command won the Gonzales and RMN Chief awards, respectively. The awards were announced at the RMN anniversary parade on April 27.
Sandakan open ship programme. RMN

Meanwhile, thanks to regular reader Ed Liew and his photographer, Stephanie See, I can share some pictures of Tenom 1 and Tenom 3 at the anniversary parade held at Lumut. Both were on static display at the parade and was not involved in the open ship programme held the base that day. Both however flew back to the air wing base following the parade, hence the pictures.
RMN MOH M503-1 landing at the air wing base at Lumut on April 27 after taking part as a static display. Stephanie See via Ed Liew

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  1. Speaking of ships & the Jones, Turkey recently commissioned their quasi-carrier/LPD, TCG Anadolu. A variant of the Juan Carlos, this class seem to be getting popular as the platform for such a type; with Turkish and Australian sub variants. Estimated cost 10 years ago was USD $500mil, so given today’s inflation its about USD $700mil.
    Not something we should get tho.

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