Its Desa Kencana at Lahad Datu

Defence Ministry Secretary General DS Isham Ishak being briefed on the new camp project. One can see the sea in the background.

SHAH ALAM: Work at the new camp at Felda Sahabat at Lahad Datu has started but its long way to be finished. Pictures of the new camp site showed that the earth work – levelling the site and likely drainage has been completed but work on buildings has not started yet.

The pictures of the site were shared by the Defence Ministry on its social media sites following a visit by its secretary general on May 26. The release:

Defence Ministry Secretary General DS Isham Ishak (in white shirt) being briefed on the new camp project.

Sabah, 26 Mei 2024 – YBhg. Datuk Seri Isham bin Ishak, Ketua Setiausaha dalam hari terakhir rangka lawatan kerja ke Timur Sabah telah melawat Projek Pembangunan Kem Tentera Darat di Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu, Sabah.
Inisiatif ini yang juga antara projek terawal yang diberikan tumpuan oleh YBhg. KSU sejak mula menerajui Kementerian Pertahanan merupakan usaha berterusan Kerajaan bagi meningkatkan tahap keupayaan serta kesiapsiagaan Tentera Darat Malaysia dalam menangani ancaman semasa, sekali gus memperkukuhkan tahap keselamatan di pantai timur Sabah.
YBhg. KSU turut diberi sesi Walking Brief dan taklimat oleh Agensi Pelaksana iaitu Bahagian Perkhidmatan Kejuruteraan Pertahanan (BPKP) bagi mendapatkan status terkini kemajuan pelaksanaan projek serta perancangan hadapan bagi memastikan projek ini berjalan mengikut jadual.

Defence Ministry Secretary General DS Isham Ishak being briefed on the new camp project.

Unfortunately, as usual the ministry did not offer any details on the project, its contractor nor the deadline for the project. So far, we know that the camp is being built under a RM547 million contract. Malaysian Defence story in December last year.

He said the new camp located in the vicinity of Felda Sahabat in Lahad Datu, was the most important project for the ministry in Sabah. The tender process for the RM547 million project has been completed and the contractor has entered the site.
The new camp will house the headquarters of 13 Briged and its subordinate units. 13 Briged is currently located at Kem Cenderawasih, at Felda Cenderawasih near Felda Sahabat in Lahad Datu.

Defence Ministry Secretary General DS Isham Ishak being briefed on the new camp project.

From the pictures of the visit, we also know that Kem Cenderawasih will also be expanded. The pictures also tell us that the new camp called Desa Kencana is located near the Felda Sahabat jetty. I believe it is about 20km south of Kampung Tanduo where a group of people from the Philippines landed in 2013.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The details is there in one of the pictures. But the resolution is not high enough. Any other hi-res picture of that board?

    What i can read from the picture



    Kontraktor utama : Prinsip Hasil Sdn Bhd
    TB 1090, Jalan Durian, Off Jalan Kuhara, 91000 Tawau, Sabah.

    tempoh kontrak : 42 bulan

    tarikh siap : fasa 1 – ?? November 20??
    fasa 2 – ?? Mei 2027

    Kontraktor : Prinsip Hasil Sdn Bhd

  2. Its ady 11 years since the invasion, what took them this long to actually setup a base there so this never happens again?

  3. There is no guarantee it will never happen again. As for your questions, its money. Its not just for the camp, they will have to spend a similar amount to get a brigade size unit there.

  4. There is no guarantee it will never happen again but we have to note that we’re better prepared now and the socio-political situation in the southern Philippines; namely the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and other factors; has evolved compared to 2013. The ”Royal Sulu Army” was also not a standing army but comprised fighters from various other groups operating within a loose command structure.

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