Kuantan Airbase Open Day June 2, Updated

RMAF Kuantan airbase open day, June 2, 2024.

SHAH ALAM: As part of the RMAF 66th anniversary celebrations (June 1), the service will be holding an open day at the Kuantan airbase on June 2 (Sunday). Among others there will be an air display, static display, parachute jumps and a carnival on that day. The open day will be held from 8am to 5pm and entrance is free.

And as part of anniversary celebrations, RMAF will start conducting the training flights at the airbase starting tomorrow until June 2.

RMAF Kuantan airbase open day, June 2, 2024.

The release from RMAF on the training flights:

Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) akan melaksanakan latihan penerbangan taktikal bagi aset-aset udara bermula 27 Mei hingga 2 Jun 2024.
Latihan penerbangan taktikal antaranya bertujuan untuk mempamerkan kesiagaan aset dan anggota TUDM sempena sambutan Hari Ulang Tahun TUDM ke-66 di Pangkalan Udara Kuantan. Latihan ini juga bertujuan menilai keberkesanan pelaksanaan tugas operasi yang melibatkan pesawat-pesawat dari pelbagai kategori seperti pesawat pejuang, pengangkut dan helikopter.
Sepanjang latihan berlangsung, pesawat-pesawat TUDM yang terlibat akan melaksanakan penerbangan taktikal secara rendah di kawasan-kawasan tertentu khususnya di ruang udara Pangkalan Udara Kuantan dan sekitar negeri Pahang. TUDM ingin memaklumkan kepada orang ramai agar tidak cemas dan risau sekiranya melihat pesawat-pesawat tentera terbang rendah di sepanjang tempoh latihan dilaksanakan.

Things not allowed into Kuantan airbase for the Open Day. RMAF

Do note that if you intend to bring cameras with big lenses it might be better to stay outside the airbase as RMAF has issued guidelines for those wanting to enter the base for the Open Day. Cameras are strictly off limits. Only those with permission will be allowed to enter the airbase with cameras.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I would have thought that after the Lumut tragedy all this sambut-sambutan would be banned..

  2. It is free but as I mentioned in the post, those with big camera lenses may need to get pre-authorisation to get in the base for the open day.

  3. Nothing was said about banning such sambutan. Do note such events – fly pasts and air shows – are part of the training routine so one may take stock of recent events, but it must not be banned for the sake of it. The only difference is this kind of thing is done publicly.

  4. Oh? So I can come on that day and walk in, just like that (without a large camera of course)? No need security prescreening or anything?

    I would be interested if they allow to come up close to the MIGS (if still there).

  5. Yes. If they put up the MIG gate guard at the airbase you can get close to it (if it’s already mounted and not placed at the air operations terminal). The other MIGs will be stored away from prying eyes and souvenir seekers.

  6. Joe,
    It’s open to all Malaysians. They might check your IC at the entrance and that’s about it. Saw their AC display layout but unlike the previous ATM open day, the Migs hangar doesn’t look like it’s open to the public. But still can hope it’ll be open.

  7. Thanks Ed. I would much prefer to see the MIGS in pristine as it is condition than been partly stripped for mounting.

  8. What other planes can be expected to go up close? MKM base is not Kuantan but will they make an appearance?

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