More ATVs for the Army, Part 3, Winners Revealed

The TGB Blade 600 LTX EPS ATV. Go Auto

SHAH ALAM: Last April, Malaysian Defence wrote that the Ordnance Division has issued three separate quotation notices (QN) to supply ten all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) each for units conducting border patrols in the northern peninsula, Sabah, and Sarawak – for a total of thirty.

The requirement called for

two-seater ATVs with four-wheel drive just like the Blade ATV. The bidder will also have to supply two pairs of helmets, two pairs of leather gloves and two sets of knee and elbow pads.
There was no estimated price listed in the three notices specifications pages. I am guessing that it will not be more than RM500,000 for each notice. The notices were published on April 3 and closes on April 10.

Two soldiers from 3 Rejimen Renjer DiRaja training on an ATV in July 2023. All pictures by BTDM.

Early this month, Malaysian Defence wrote that

Three companies had been shortlisted for the three quotation notices as the bids were the same for two of them. The bids are RM450,000; RM498,000 and RM499,998. Why two then? As for the third QN, the Sarawak one, one of the bids is listed at RM4.98 million which was a mistake on the bid of the bidder. The other two bids are RM450,000 and RM499,998.

Soldiers during a familiarization training with the TGB Blade 600 LTX EPS ATV.

Checks with Eperolehan last week (this story was delayed due to technical issues) showed that the three different companies were awarded the LOA for the three separate QN. For the Semenanjung notice, the LOA of RM499,998 was issued to GGS Global Sdn Bhd; Sabah, Setinggi Yakin Sdn Bhd (RM499,998) and Sarawak, Tekun Gemilang Enterprise (RM499,998).
A Go Auto employee demonstrating the ATV, procured for Op Benteng. TD picture

Yes, the three separate companies bid with the same price for the three separate QNs. This likely meant that the three companies are part of the same holding company. I have no idea what type of ATVs were offered for the QN though. We have to wait for the delivery ceremony to see what they are. They may well be the Taiwan made TGB Blade 600 LTX EPS ATV previously supplied by Go Auto Sdn Bhd.

Unfortunately, the QN issued for night-vision goggles for units in northern peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak were cancelled.
— Malaysian Defence.

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  1. “QN issued for night-vision goggles”
    Maybe the quantity was too small to worth the effort to bid so it was cancelled?

  2. There are many reasons for cancellation but not its too small so cancelled. The Ordnance Division QN are for things below RM500K so it stands to reason the numbers being bought is small so as not to go above it.

  3. The border force needs these, moreso than electric bikes, so Im perplexed it got cancelled if there werent any technical difficulties. I do know Govt tenders often gets cancel when none can meet critical requirements in the tender.

  4. @Marhalim

    Is somebody hacking your page? Keep losing access to it lately

  5. LOL Fahmi dah panggil mari for posting ‘national security matters’ stuffs?

  6. Both NVGs and e-bikes are needed. They complement each other. To view things in the dark NVGs are needed and to operate in areas which might not be conducive for the employment of 4x4s; E-bikes are needed.

    The announcement that we’d be getting E-bikes was widely ridiculed but as it turns out the Ukrainians have found them very useful and the American, Brit and other armies are trialling them.

  7. E-bikes amd e-buggies are the way to go for recon and patrol…silent. Just waiting for faster charging and longer lasting battery technology.

    Those with internal combustion engines are noisy because of the high revs needed to get through obstacles in the jungle. Can be heard for miles.

  8. Ebikes have limited range and more difficulty to recharge than just bringing a jerry can of gas for ICE bikes. Nope for me its superfluous and expensive when a normal scrambler is sufficient. The NVG requirement, however, was something needed long ago…

  9. “recharge”

    Yes but the sane would apply to the very long list of things which have to be recharged.

    “ Nope for me its superfluous and expensive when a normal scrambler is sufficient”

    There are pros and cons I guess. One advantage is they are quiet and there must a a reason why various armies have them or are trialing them. The Ukrainians are finding them very useful for clode recce and AT work.

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