More ATVs for the Army, Part 2

The TGB Blade 600 LTX EPS ATV. Go Auto

SHAH ALAM: Early last month, Malaysian Defence wrote that the Army’s Ordnance Division issued three separate quotation notices to supply ten of the ATV for units conducting border patrols in the northern peninsula, Sabah, and Sarawak – for a total of thirty.

This was the same reason the division issued similar notices for ebikes and NVGs, recently.

The specifications called for:

As with the Op Benteng, the requirement called for a two-seater ATV with four-wheel drive just like the Blade ATV. The bidder will also have to supply two pairs of helmets, two pairs of leather gloves and two sets of knee and elbow pads.
There was no estimated price listed in the three notices specifications pages. I am guessing that it will not be more than RM500,000 for each notice. The notices were published on April 3 and closes on April 10.

Three companies had been shortlisted for the three quotation notices as the bids were the same for two of them. The bids are RM450,000; RM498,000 and RM499,998. Why two then? As for the third QN, the Sarawak one, one of the bids is listed at RM4.98 million which was a mistake on the bid of the bidder. The other two bids are RM450,000 and RM499,998.

Anyhow, in the first post I mentioned that Go Auto Sdn Bhd which got the contract to supply the 27 ATV under Op Benteng, will be the favourite to win the latest competition for the same vehicle. I was told it was not the case, for reasons.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “one of the bids is listed at RM4.98 million which was a mistake on the bid”
    Kesian that poor staffer that made that mistake, prolly he/she is looking for a new job by now.

    “Not the crony of the current government is it?”
    Even if they managed to switch sides, there are always bigger cronies, and mind you after all the current Govt side also have their own preferred *ahem* ‘suppliers’. So any newcomers to PH will have to deal with the current entrenched set.

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