MMEA AW139 Helicopter Crashed, Updated

MMEA AW139 M72-01. AW picture.

SHAH ALAM: A Leonardo AW139 helicopter operated by the MMEA – M72-01 – crashed into the waters off Pulau Angsa near Kuala Selangor, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) said in a release today. All four on board were recovered safely, it added. Pulau Angsa is located around 30 minutes by boat from the nearest jetty in Jeram, Kuala Selangor.

The helicopter left the Subang airport at 9.10am for a training flight. The last contact made with the helicopter was at 9.20am and though no distress call was received, a search and rescue was activated to find the helicopter.

MMEA AW 130 M7-01. AW picture.

It said four persons on board the helicopter including the pilots were rescued by a helicopter. The rescue helicopter with the four landed at 10.50am. CAAM said that MMEA will conduct an investigation into the incident.
MMEA infographic on the crash. MMEA.

Based on the pictures from the scene, the helicopter is a total loss (see above).

𝗣𝗨𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗝𝗔𝗬𝗔, 𝟱 𝗠𝗮𝗰 – Sebuah pesawat helikopter AW 139 no pendaftaran pesawat M72-01 melakukan pendaratan cemas di Perairan Pulau Angsa, Selangor lebih kurang pada jam 9.55 pagi tadi ketika melakukan latihan menyelamat.
Maklumat awal diterima menerusi panggilan MERS 999 oleh pemancing yang berada di sekitar lokasi kejadian.
Operasi Mencari dan Menyelamat (CARILAMAT) telah diaktifkan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Penerbangan Awam Malaysia (CAAM) dan Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Putrajaya pada jam 10.15 pagi tadi.
Pesawat yang mendarat cemas diterbangkan oleh Leftenan Komander Maritim Tengku Mohd Nizam bin Tengku Zakaria, Leftenan Komander Maritim Mohamad Azrol bin Saidi bersama seorang kru udara Pegawai Waran I Maritim John bin Ibno dan seorang Perenang Penyelamat, Bintara Maritim Muhamad Nurhayyat bin Hashim.
Aset Maritim Malaysia yang diatur gerak ke lokasi kejadian ialah BOT PENGAWAL 25 dari Maritim Negeri Selangor, bot RH 16 dan PSC 39 daripada Pasukan Polis Marin (PPM) Pelabuhan Klang dan sebuah pesawat AS 365N3 Dauphine Maritim Malaysia dari Stesen Udara Maritim Subang (SUMS).
Semua kru AW139 telah diselamatkan oleh pesawat AS 365N3 dan telah diterbangkan ke SUMS.
Sebelum itu, bot pemancing yang berada di lokasi berkenaan telah memberi bantuan awal kepada kru yang terbabit dan 10 anggota Pasukan Tindakan Khas dan Penyelamat (STAR Team) dan KM BAGAN DATUK juga diatur gerak ke lokasi bagi melakukan kawalan keselamatan di lokasi kejadian.
Maritim Malaysia akan melakukan siasatan lanjut untuk mengenalpasti punca-punca kejadian.
Maritim Malaysia juga mengucapkan terima kasih atas maklumat dan tindakan pantas daripada komuniti maritim yang membantu CARILAMAT kejadian ini.
Operasi CARILAMAT telah ditamatkan oleh CAAM pada jam 11:15 pagi sebentar tadi.

Updated. The wreck of 01 was recovered early this morning (March 6) by MMEA together with its maintenance company, according to the agency. It did not named the company, which is of course, Galaxy Aerospace Sdn Bhd. The wreck was then transported to the MMEA air wing base adjacent to the Subang airport. According to MMEA, tail number 01 has logged in some 5,000 hours since her entry into service in 2010.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. More like an emergency water landing with flotation bags activated and flipped over. Whole helicopter is intact.

    I wonder how much would it cost to repair it considering the salt water ingress in the whole of the helicopter. Or would it be cheaper to buy a used AW139 to replace it?

    BTW is the training anything to do with the USCG Cutter USCGC Bertholf visit to Port Klang?

  2. Government service, second, after the police one near Lahad Datu. If all included, three, a Weststar AW139 crashed in 2016/2017. I stand to be corrected.

  3. I think cheaper to buy a second hand one. No idea on whether it is involved the training with USCG. I am doubtful really.

  4. BTW quite a number of Agusta Westland / Leonardo crashes in Malaysia recently

    – AW109LOH (2014)

    – AW109 (2010)
    – AW189 (2023)

    – AW139 (2020)

    – AW139 (2024)

    – AW139 (2011)

    Currently including today’s crash, APMM has 6 helicopters, 3x AS365N3 Dauphin and 3x AW139. It has on order 4x AW189. In the Pelan Perancangan Strategik Maritim Malaysia 2040 (PPSMM 2040) there is a listed requirement for a total of 15 helicopters.

  5. This will likely take a while or never. If its cost viable to repair it will take a quite to complete the job or otherwise the Govt will just write off and not replace it like so many other aircraft crashes before it. Rather its most likely the upcoming AW189 buys will somewhat cover this shortfall.

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