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ocea OPV 270. The Philippine Coast Guard is getting one next year. Internet.

SHAH ALAM: TH Heavy Engineering Bhd, owned 30 per cent by Tabung Haji – the haj pilgrimage fund – is the company which is negotiating the contract for the MMEA OPV project. The company released a statement yesterday in regard to a query by Bursa Malaysia.

Malaysian Defence has reported that MMEA is looking to have 3 locally-built OPVs for RM740 million.

From the Star.

PETALING JAYA: TH Heavy Engineering Bhd is in preliminary discussions with relevant government agencies to secure a contract for the supply of offshore patrol vessels.

“The terms of the contract remains to be negotiated and is in a state of flux,” it said in a reply to Bursa Malaysia yesterday over the sudden surge of its share price and trading volume.

A possible contender for the MMEA OPV programme, a Fassmer 80 OPV design. Chilean Navy Comandante Policarpo Toro OPV. Chile Navy
A possible contender for the MMEA OPV programme, a Fassmer 80 OPV design. Chilean Navy Comandante Policarpo Toro OPV. Chile Navy

The company said it intended to capitalise on the strategic location and resources of its fabrication yard and will continue to pursue all opportunities related to the upstream oil and gas business as well as to diversify into downstream and other non-oil and gas businesses such as marine vessel building and repairs. There was no indication on the size of the contract that the company is targeting.

The company is 30%-owned by Lembaga Tabung Haji. TH Heavy had been hit hard by the downturn in the oil and gas industry.”

Another possible OPV design for the MMEA to consider. A CGI of the Lurssen 85 metre OPV
Another possible OPV design for the MMEA to consider. A CGI of the Lurssen 85 metre OPV

I was reluctant to name company in my earlier post MMEA OPV as they were still negotiating the details and because there were many sharks in the water. Since they already made the announcement I guess there is no harm in naming them though based on the statement above, negotiations are in a flux.

TH Heavy has fabricated various oil and gas platforms and other structures but it has never build ships before.

A politician when commenting on the possible contract to TH Heavy claimed that it would be a bail out. Of course, it is a bail out. Under the current circumstances, if the contract is awarded to any shipyard in Malaysia, it will also be a bail out.

— Malaysian Defence.

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  1. could be a PSC NGPV debacle all over again but at least this time they are trying to salvage the value of the investment of the tabung haji depositors

  2. Economically speaking, alang-alang we want to bail out; might as well we farmed out the jobs to as many Malaysian shipyards as possible. The shipyards can do 1 module each for 6 ships — and assemble in another yard. This way, the cake get to be broaden and many shipyard jobs get to be saved

    The OPV project is for 3 vessel. We cannot farmed out the project to various shipyards as then no one will make money which is the reason every one wants the job in the first place

  3. dont know what to say…..if the contract is given to other than BHIC it is a bail out..still hope TH can stand up to the expectation…

  4. NGPV was a project given to a GLC under LTAT, a GLIC. Now NGOPV looks like history to repeat, only different actors. TH Heavy a GLC under TH, a GLIC. When the dust settled, hope that govt got back its investment handsomely on the both side of the equation.

    NGPV was given to Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of PSC Bhd, a public listed company, which went under most likely due to its owner’s tie to the then PM, the current guy trying to save Malaysia. NDSB was taken over by BHIC, a LTAT subsidiary in order to revive the project also by the then PM.

  5. Do our army use uav named Yabhon-Aludra apparently made by CTRM and some other middle east company?


  6. Damn.. Sure another super expensive full blown mega project with little bang 4 the buck.. The Indonesian shipyards are doing a better job. Reasonable prices and delivered on time. But nooo.. national interest come into play. When will this goons learn.

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