Second NGPC Under Trials

NGPC at Destination Marine jetty at Port Klang on July 31, 2017. Left is KM Sri Aman 4542, KM Bagan Datuk and partly hidden is KM Kota Belud 4543.

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that the second NGPC – pennant 4542 – is undergoing sea trials even as KM Bagan Datuk, the lead of the six-ship class – has been officially handed over to the Malaysia Coast Guard or APMM.

The handing over ceremony was held at the Destination Marine Services Sdn Bhd shipyard at Port Klang today.

NGPC at Destination Marine jetty at Port Klang on July 31, 2017. Left is 4542, KM Bagan Datuk and partly hidden is 4543.

For more on KM Bagan Datuk and the NGPC go here and here. KM Bagan Datuk was named ahead of its appearance at LIMA 2017.
KM Bagan Datuk (right) and the third NGPC – 4543 – at Destini shipbuilding yard at Port Klang.

From pictures from APPM official Facebook page, 4542 has already been fitted with its 30mm gun and the launcher for the Thales Fulmar UAV and it is likely to be commissioned soon.
APMM chief Maritime Adm Zulkifili Abu Bakar speaking to the crew of the second NGPC. Behind them is 4542 already fitted with the 30mm RWS gun and the launcher for the Thales Fulmar UAV.

The third NGPC hull – 4543 – has also been launched and its likely to be already undergoing builder’s trials though some of the equipment have yet to be installed.
Most of the sensors and other equipment on the third NGPC (left) compared to the first vessel of the class, KM Bagan Datuk (right).

Bagan Datok will be based at the APMM district headquarters in Port Klang, says Zulkifili which is located very close to the shipyard. He says the project was on schedule and the other patrol boats are expected to delivered to the APMM by the end of 2018.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Good that mmea is getting more vessels quickly

    I hope the marine police stationed in sabah are also getting new hulls for both patrol in KK coastal area as well as esszone, now that they’re planning on establishing sea checkpoints in near future

  2. Any idea on how many of thse ngpc would be needed to cover our waters ideally?

    Excluding the opv. Sorry if the questions sounds to vague…

    At least 20 more

  3. @ Nihd

    If 1 to 1 replacement of the Vospers, that would be 9 more.

    Kelas Sipadan (ex vosper)
    3131 KM Sipadan (sri sarawak) (reef tioman)
    3132 KM Lang (kris) (reef terengganu)
    3133 KM Segantang (sundang)
    3134 KM Jarak (badek) (reef ?)
    3135 KM Kukup (panah)
    3136 KM Sempadi (kelewang) (reef ?)
    3137 KM Labas (sri sabah)
    3138 KM Nyireh (sri negri sembilan)
    3139 KM Kuraman (renchong) (reef labuan)
    3140 KM Siamil (tombak) (reef ?)
    3141 KM Pemanggil (krambit) (reef labuan)
    3142 KM Bidong (beladau) (reef ?)
    3143 KM Satang (rentaka)
    3144 KM Rumbia (sri melaka)
    3145 KM Ligitan (lembing) (reef ?)

    The 15 Lurssen FPB38 Gagah class was built in the early 80’s, should be usable for at least 10 more years

  4. As a maritime nation, beefing up assets is the way forward for APMM and TLDM.

    Both seems to be going into correct direction, in terms of quality and quantity.

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