Seven Tonners Up For Tender

A seven-tonne truck from 31 RAD being used to carry flood relief supplies in January 2022. The truck is used to tow the 35mm Oerlikon gun in normal usage. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: Back in March, Malaysian Defence reported that the Armed Forces will be buying rubber inflatable boats and seven-tonne trucks for flood rescue operations. Defence Minister DSU Mohamad Hasan said the Cabinet has approved an allocation of RM10 million for the ministry to procure the boats and trucks.

And just two months later, the ministry floated a request for tender/bid for four seven tonne truck. The tender was published on May 12 and closes on June 6, a period of 25 days.

Soldiers moving out people from the inundated Kota Tinggi town using a combat boat on March 3 2023. While useful in taking out flood victims, the V-shaped bottom of the combat boats sometimes make rescues hard especially in urban areas where obstacles are a plenty and flood waters are not that high. Army

Yes, it is perhaps I am assuming too much that the RFB for the seven-tonners is connected with the Minister’s statement in March. However, the public portion of the tender did mention that the trucks will be used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) apart from its normal military role. From Eperolehan:

The truck shall be used to transport general cargo, ammunitions, missiles, rockets, rations, defense stores and other logistic requirement. The truck need to meet the logistic requirement and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR). This is to meet the contemporary Army Logistic requirement

What about the rubber dinghies and other equipment then as mentioned in the March story then? It is not listed in Eperolehan site when this story goes live. Perhaps, it will be done next week or as I stated that it will be done through variation orders instead of a new tender.

Rubber dinghies belonging to 10th Para Brigade being prepared to drop by parachute. This is the kind of rubber dinghies suitable for flood rescue in urban areas. 10th Para Brigade.

Based on the above, the Defence Ministry can issue a variation order to both companies to purchase another twenty-four RIBs (if they are found suitable for the role) and twenty-four 30hp outboard motors for some RM3 million (leaving RM7 million for the trucks). This will of course shorten the lead time for their deliveries instead of issuing out the tender for the same things.

A three tonne Handalan truck being used to evacuate people from Kota Tinggi town to relief centres. Army

It must be noted that both the GGK and 10th Para Brigade already operate flat bottomed rubber dinghies which is more suitable for flood rescue work in urban areas. The V-bottom combat boats operated by the Army are found too bulky for flood rescue in urban areas hence the need for more rubber dinghies.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I wonder is Amdac (M) S.B a.k.a pestaka astana is still in existence? They built a number if hmtt vehicle under d Amdac brand name last time.

  2. A number of Amdac trucks are still in service ie gun tower, bridge hauler and DROP variants are still in service.

  3. I remember AMDAC had a big facility in Sg Merab Bangi 2 decades ago. Hilly terrain and always left me wondering why anyone would built a workshop/factory smack on a hillside with trucks struggling to enter/ exit the place to the Sg Merab-Ayer Hitam Road.

  4. By right we should have the capability to keep all these trucks going, even with custom parts. If our ship yards can rehull and repower the FACs, then the capability and tooling is there.

    At least some of our specialty 4×4 workshops can cari makan

  5. Hopefully Amdac/pestaka astana will restart their production in various various not only for military purpose but also for PDRM (as kembalik), heavy logistics vehicle, fuel bowser, water bowser, anti riot vehicle and also meet the need of our Civil Defense and Bomba for a heavy-duty rescue vehicle

  6. Note that the FAC is repowered by buying new engines. Yes there are specialty 4X4 shops out there who goes for the Army maintenance contracts.

  7. @Hasnan
    “By right we should have the capability to keep all these trucks going”
    Like cars, there is a certain finite period when you realise you are taking care of the vehicle instead of it taking care of you. No need to be sentimental about old trucks once they reach their lifespan as fleet replenishment should be expected and planned. This unlike combat vehicles (ie Condor) which could be downgraded to troop transport at the rear, noncombatant trucks have no further use once they are expended.

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