Performance Based Contract For MOH

RMN AW139 MOH M503-1 landing at the RMN airwing at Lumut naval base on January 2, 2023. RMN

SHAH ALAM: Performance based contract for RMN Maritime Operations Helicopter (MOH). The Defence Ministry a request for bids or tender for a performance-based contract (maintenance) for three AW139 MOH of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

The RFB was issued on May 10 and closes on June 8, a period of 23 days. The public portion tender showed that the tender is separated for the three MOH – M503-1; M503-2 and M503-3. For each helicopter is further divided for two categories – basic service costs and performance payment – of which must be put in the grand sum.

Apart from these categories, bidders must also put the sum for “performance above and over” – likely meant for unscheduled repairs and such.

One of the RMN MOH AW139 landing on KD Pahang during the sea phase of Borneo War Exercise in early September 2022.

The new RFB is interesting as Eperolehan had issued nine separate quotation notices for the maintenance of the three MOH last April. The separate notices are for the maintenance of the avionics (Honeywell); (Pratt and Whitney) engines and the helicopters airframe.

Checks on the website showed only one bid was registered for all nine notices, likekly from the same company. The bid for the avionics was RM248,000; engines (RM370,000) and airframe (RM392,000).

As reported previously, Galaxy Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd, was awarded the RM2.8 million contract for the routine maintenance tenders published last year which were for the avionics; engines; airframes; helicopter weighing; magnetic compass swing; oil analysis and batteries.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Question, if the govt is paying for the maintenance .. why are we leasing the aircraft? ie. how does the leasing model different with the normal purchase model Kalau sekadar nak monthly outflow .. the govt can take a bank loans and pay monthly.

  2. RMN MOH were bought directly by the government that’s the reason it is paying the maintenance. RMAF is the one using leased AW139s.

  3. Performance based contract is actually commonly used in the logistics & haulage industry where uptime is critical.

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