Maintenance Tender For MOH

One of the RMN MOH AW139 landing on KD Pahang during the sea phase of Borneo War Exercise in early September 2022.

SHAH ALAM: Maintenance tender for MOH. The Eperolehan has issued nine separate quotation notices for the maintenance of the three AW139 Maritime Operations Helicopter (MOH) of the Royal Malaysian Navy. The helicopters are based at the air unit at the Kota Kinabalu naval base.

The notices are for the three MOH in service namely – M503-1; M503-2 and M503-3. The separate notices are for the maintenance of the avionics (Honeywell); (Pratt and Whitney) engines and the helicopters airframe.

Last August, Malaysian Defence posted a story on the tender to maintain the two AW139s (01 and 02).

Galaxy Aerospace was awarded the RM2.8 million contract for the routine maintenance tenders published last year which were for the avionics; engines; airframes; helicopter weighing; magnetic compass swing; oil analysis and batteries.

Admiral Reza Sani taking a closer look on the machine gun fitted on M503-3. RMN

This tender did not include the third one (3) as it was still not delivered at that point. Tail number 3 was officially delivered in December, last year.
RMN chief Admiral Reza Sany cutting the ribbon to mark the delivery of the third MOH. With him is Galaxy Aerospace managing director Dato Shamsul Kamar Samsudin. RMN

The latest notices were published on April 13 and closes on April 20. The latest notices published for the maintenance of the avionics, engines and airframes meant that the ones awarded to Galaxy Aerospace last year, was likely for one year only.
One of the two RMN AW139 -M503-2. RMN

Anyhow, tail number 1 which flew to the peninsula last January, will be taking part in LIMA 2023 this May. It is likely to return to Kota Kinabalu after taking part in the show. It is currently based at the naval air wing headquarters at the Lumut naval base.
A RMN AW139 helicopter approaching Terumbu Peninjau or RMN Stesen Papa as part of its operational tasking to the five stations in the Spratlys. RMN.

On March 30, the Dewan Negara was told that the Defence Ministry needed a supplementary budget for 2022 as it expenses were higher than originally planned. The MOH were cited among the higher cost centres due to higher fuel costs.

— Malaysian Defence

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