KD Kedah 15th Anniversary

SHAH ALAM: KD Kedah 15th anniversary. KD Kedah, the lead ship of the RMN class of ships bearing its name celebrated its 15th anniversary which falls on June 5. The ship was built at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Germany in 2001 and launched in 2003 but the commissioning was delayed until June 5, 2006 due to the financial malfeasance of PSC-NDSB.

A close up of Kedah class bridge. Note the EADS 3-D radar (top) and Oerlikon Contraves TMX/EO X-band with electro-optic fire director and thermal imager (below the mast) taken by Malaysian Defence in 2002 when she was undergoing final fitting out at PSC-NDSB.

The troubles forced the government to turn to Boustead Naval Shipyard, a subsidiary of Boustead Berhad, a state owned company to complete Kedah, its sister ship KD Pahang and four others of the class. Pahang was commissioned in August, 2006 while the rest from June 2009 to December 2010.

Kedah, while she was still call Business Focus One back in 2002.

And despite all the talk since then for the ships to get their fitted for not equipped with equipment – surface to air and surface to surface missiles – this has never materialised. With the class now already in their mid-life there is still no firm commitment to equip them with these weapons.

KD Kedah as seen in January 2021. RMN.

Infact, Kedah has already lost its fire control radar – the Oerlikon Contraves TMX/EO X-band with electro-optic fire director – after its last refit in 2020. I had noticed the fire control radar missing from top of the bridge of Kedah since May, last year but opted not to write anything about it as I thought it might be taken off for repairs.
KD Kedah 15th anniversary graphic. Note the missing FCR antenna. KD Kedah

But as off this post was written, Kedah is still missing the FCR as shown by the picture above from its official social media.
A screengrab from KD Kedah video about its refit in 2020. Note the missing FCR antenna above the bridge.

I am unsure whether the second of class, KD Pahang, which is currently undergoing refit, will also have its FCR removed as well. Anyhow, industry sources told me that the RMN is preparing for a Kedah class obsolescence programme (OP) which will be somewhat similar to the ones undertaken for the FAC craft fleet.
KD Selangor seen in the South China Sea in April, 2021. RMN

The Kedah class OP envisaged the replacement of most of the electronic equipment including the FCR, the main radar and also the CMS which were designed some 20 years ago. The OP will likely involved Kedah and Pahang – which have been commissioned for 15 years.
An undated picture of KD Selangor which clearly showed her FCR

The OP for the rest four ships – KD Perak, KD Terengganu, KD Kelantan and KD Selangor – will commenced once they reached 15 years, in three years time for the first two and four years for the last two. Based on the above these could be done in RMK13 for the first two and RMK13 for the last two, around 2030.
The operation room of Braunschwieg corvette of the German navy. The CMS of the corvette is supplied by Atlas Eletronik and Thales. Atlas was the supplier of the COSYs CMS of the Kedah class. German Navy. BRAUNSCHWEIG

Let’s hope the Kedah Class OP will be funded soon so the lead ship of the class could be refitted with new equipment.

— Malaysian Defence

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