Mini CMS For FAC Fleet

SHAH ALAM: Mini CMS for FAC fleet. The Defence Ministry has issued a request for bids for the procurement of “mini”Combat Management System (mini CMS) for RMN’s fleet of 14 fast attack craft. The RMN currently operates 14 FACs – six Jerong class, four Perdana class and four Handalan class boats. The FACs mostly purchased in early/late 1970s, the Perdanas from France, Handalans from Sweden and the Jerong were built locally by Hong Leong Lurrsen shipyard in Butterworth.

KD Gempita, a Handalan class FAC during operations in early 2016. RMN picture

The Jerong were classified as FAC-G (Skuadron 6 FAC) as it was not armed with missiles, only the 57mm (forward) and 40mm (aft) guns while the Perdana and Handalan(Skuadron 2) were classified as FAC-M as the boats were armed with the MBDA Exocet MM38 anti-surface missiles, apart from the 57mm (forward) and 40mm guns (aft).

KD Ganyang

KD Ganyang, the fourth boat of the Perdana class FAC. TLDM

An earlier story on the mini CMS from 2019.

KD Paus, one of the six Jerong class FAC. TLDM

The RMN had been trying to upgrade the FACs since four years ago as it was obvious that they were not getting any new vessels to replace them and most of the equipment on board are already obsolete. Work to replace the engines on board (described as repowering by RMN and tendered separately) on the FACs had already started with the first FAC to be equipped with new engines -three Cummins engines – (KD Baung) has already returned to service.

An undated picture of Handalan class FACs when they were still armed with the Exocets.

As the tender for the mini-CMS has only been issued in mid-July, it is likely Baung and KD Ganas (the second ship undergoing the change of engines) will have to go back into the yard to get the new equipment once the winning bidder have been selected.

KD Ganas, a Jerong class FAC. RMN

RMN had persisted in upgrading the FACs as the ships -as mentioned in the DWP 2019 – will remained in service for another 15 years. Based on the specification listed on the tender documents that I could accessed stated that the mini-CMS must be developed, especially the software, locally. The documents even specified that the EPF membership of the people involved in the developing the software for the CMS be listed in the bidding documents. This is likely in response to the locally-developed CMS on the Lekiu.

RMN and Stride will also work with the winning bidder for the development and integration of the mini CMS.

An undated picture of the Jerong class FACs.

The mini CMS must operate with three multi-function consoles – one for the commanding officer – and a large display for the operations room. The bidder can select the Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS) and its controller from foreign manufacturers though RMN will have the final say in the selection of it.

KD Jerong, the lead ship of the 6th Squadron FAC (G). RMN

The EOTS will allow the remote control of the 57mm gun only. The mini-CMS will also need to be integrated with the legacy navigation radars and other equipment of the FACs.

— Malaysian Defence

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