SGPV – Laksamana – LCS

SHAH ALAM: SGPV – Laksamana – LCS. Since the recent brouhaha over the LCS, many Malaysian Defence readers have asked in the comments section on what had happened in the past. Actually Malaysian Defence has written various posts on the issue from when the ship was called the Second Generation Patrol Vessel (SGPV) before it was renamed as the Littoral Combat Ship.

A close-up of the BNS Gowind frigate when it was first shown at LIMA 2011.

I had called it the Laksamana class previously as they were too many Laksamanas – those in service or retired, around six I believed – who somehow were involved directly or indirectly in the planning, selection of the design and equipment and building processes . Laksamana story.

A model of an upgraded Kedah class by Boustead meant for the SGPV/LCS programme

Anyhow, the Defence Ministry and RMN started calling the ship as LCS around 2012 after various commentators asked why are they spending billions of ringgit on a bunch of patrol ships when others only paid smaller amounts for similar vessels. Of course these commentators were muddying the waters as those patrol boats they were referring to were simply 44 meter or smaller boats meant for coast guards (like the MMEA NGPC) unlike the SGPV.

KM Bagan Datuk sailing near Port Klang. The patrol boat is build by Destini subsidiary, Destini Shipbuilding and Engineering. APMM

The SGPV it must be noted came after the Kedah class, the so called New Generation Patrol Vessel, a 27 class vessel planned by the RMN to replace the Vosper patrol craft and the FACs. The NGPVs were supposed to be bigger than those two type of vessels for better seakeeping and endurance.

Two Kedah class, KD Kelantan (175) and KD Selangor (176) berthed at Lumut jetty in early 2014. The ship on the other side is KD Mahawangsa. Malaysian Defence

It became the Kedah class – a bigger and more expensive than the original NGPV as envisaged by the RMN, when the government awarded the project to PSC-NDSB, the forerunner of Boustead Naval Shipyard, which was tasked in salvaging the project after the former ran out of money due to nefarious reasons, leaving the ships uncompleted.

The LMS is similar in size and capability the planned original NGPV

See the story here. Please read the Malaysian Defence archives for more stories on the SGPV and the LCS for the context of the current situation.

— Malaysian Defence

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