New LMS Graphic

A close up of the bridge with the EOD director and nav radar.

LANGKAWI: New LMS Graphic. Fresh from the news that all four LMS will be made in China, the builder is showing the latest CGI of the ship at its booth at LIMA 19.


It is likely that’s been on the cards – for sometime now – as the change in terms of the contract was only made known, last week or so.

A closer look of the new LMS CGI

The CGI is the first of the LMS from the starboard side instead of the port of the previous ones, if I remember correctly, of course.

A close up of the bridge with the EOD director and nav radar.

It also has more details feature on top of the bridge especially the electro optical director.
The latest CGI of the LMS. Note the main gun and containers on the foredeck.

Interestingly at the Boustead booth, there is no mention of the new details of the new LMS contract. Again this is likely done well before the latest announcement.

– Malaysia Defence.

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  1. Radar SR-47AG specifications

    Technical specification


    System: Coherent pulse compression (CPC)
    Band: S band
    Range: 75km against 2m2 RCS aircraft; 12km against 0.1m2 RCS target
    Beam width: 2°(H), 25° (V)
    Scan coverage: 360°×25°
    Processing capacity

    Multiple tracking: ≥20 targets


    Type: Incision parabolic antenna
    Gain: 38dB
    Rotation speed: 30RPM
    Transmitter / Receiver

    Frequency: S-band
    Consumption: 100w (avg.) 60kW (peak)
    NF: <3dB
    Friend/Foe Transponder

    Gain: 20dB
    Beam width: 1°×30°

    Ambient temperature

    Antenna: -25℃~+70℃

    Power supply

    AC: 220VAC (150~250 VAC)
    Power consumption: 10kW

  2. Actually a bit off topic, but has anybody noticed the Chinese type 055 cruiser looks very like the LCS?

  3. I would expect to pay this price for Kedah class OPV


    But what to do, contract is signed from 2016

  4. Should arm it with heavier weapon n more weapons instead of just one small cannon up front only

  5. @ chua

    You cannot get a Kedah class OPV for that price (that is another goldplated piece of kit), but you can get a DAMEN OPV 1800 that APMM is getting or even 2x Vikram class OPV.

    When the price of the LMS68 1st came out, I was attacked (calling me bahlol) by a malaysian FB military community for stating the obvious.

  6. @…

    Jgn dilayan mat rempit tu,mungkin dia sendiri frust di tempat blog mainan dia tu.

    Btw @…

    With your vast knowledge I’m glad if you can make some comparison between JF-17 Block 3 and other 4th generation fighter.It seems like our PM interested to get those bird.

    No lah, he clarified that we may not begetting new jets actually, there’s no need for them

  7. @ rocks, marhalim

    Did not layan that mat rempit, just stating my observation. I dont play at his usual blog either, just a silent reader there. Just hoping Malaysians dont repeat and copy nasty things that our neighbour does.

    BTW Tun has said so many things, hard to take any at face value.

    Of the JF-17, if you look at it in isolation, it is a great piece of hardware by itself. It is a very capable aircraft, i would put as something better than the FA-50 or Tejas mk1 but probably below the gripen C/D.

    But when you look at the TUDM LCA/LIFT requirements (single engined supersonic LCA and LIFT in 1 platform) JF-17, Tejas or even the Gripen is not designed to be a lead-in trainer, both the aircraft itself and its supporting equipments (ground training systems, simulators, training sylabus). Getting them will compromise our pilots training, or we could even need aditional aircraft types to plug the deficiencies, continuing the rojak mix of fighters.

    IMO, there would be 2 types suitable for now, the Korean TA/FA-50 and the Chinese L-15 (but this is twin engined), the Boeing TF-X probably but that is a long shot.

  8. If this LMS gets kitted out with a 30 mm gun with/without appropriate missile bins, well, it can get them refitted right? I personally don’t think the ship is worth the RM200 mil, but admittedly am not privy to ship systems. It’s better the the hee-hawing that goes on down south 😉 with them crowing about them getting the Danish ships. Their presidential elections and possible change may well dent their hopes to continue on their weapons buying spree.

  9. Naresuan cost 2 billion baht (around rm200+ million) each almost same price as our overpriced Chinese patrol boat but heavily upgraded with harpoon and ESSM.

    We paid a billion ringgit each for Kedah class but they are just oversized German patrol boats outgunned by cheaper Naresuan and ships in Indonesia.

  10. @…
    Yeah I mean a ship like the current Kedahs minus missiles, IF Kedah itself was not overpriced as well… as we seem to like to buy things for twice the price and half the value

    Yeah well, most Msians who read defence stuff find it hard to be impartial.

    Re: JF-17, I believe the Block 3 will be at least equal to Gripen C/D if not better.

  11. I only hope that after reviewing the LMS agreement we still have the right on the blueprints of the ship which is included in the previous contract, and if it does not, then it is worthless.

  12. @ARAA

    It is still not much value because even if we follow the blueprint, we would still need to buy the components (electronics, gun, fittings) of any future ships from China, even if we assemble here. We can’t build any of that.

  13. My earlier comment didn’t get through so I’ll rewrite again.

    If I’m not mistaken, each Kedah class costs 1 billion per pop, and after the project delay, Mr. Amin asked for an additional 1.6 billion for 6 ships so the total project cost was 7.6 billion for 6 ships, or equivalent to 1.27 billion per ship! From wikipedia the Danish Navy’s Iver Huitfeldt class frigate costs about USD325M, which is more or less the price we paid for the ‘fitted for but not with’ Meko 100. We’re comparing a 6500t frigate and a 1500t OPV here. It’s not like the Kedah came fitted with all the electronics sans missiles/torpedoes/guns/counter measures. When people talk about the ‘transfer of technology’, what tot is involved here? This is the most frequently misused term to cover the ridiculous price increase for each of the big ticket purchase. Even if Blohm+Voss were to provide us the blue print of the Meko 100 we would not have the money to build more ships at that price… Sigh this is the sad fact of Malaysian military.

  14. If we have the blueprints and cutting files, tweaking the dimensions a little bit here and there you will have your own design.

    Indonesia did that with KCR60. the hull design was based on the luerssen FPB57 design, stretched to 60m and given a new superstructure with design inspired by the SIGMA corvette.

    They also did the same with the Makassar class LPD. Tweaking the width and length of the original design to become the philippines SSV.

    Components can be sourced from plenty of other suppliers.

  15. @…
    “Components can be sourced from plenty of other suppliers.”

    Requires further rework of the design. The costs can mount up surprisingly.

    Anyway it’s a moot point as we all know there are other, cheaper alternatives to hand.

  16. In the end these four lemons will replace Laksamanas as the ships that RMN never wanted…but al least the Laksamana as small heavily armed ships have some fear factor,,the Indons are making joke of the LMS as \’overpriced plastic patrol boats\’ we go again.

  17. @Hornet Lover

    The initial contract for the KEDAH class was RM 5.35 billion. This was increased by RM 1.4 billion when Boustead took over on behest of the Government.

  18. The main contract of RM 5.35 billion was split into 2 currencies, i.e. RM and Euro, with the Euro pegged at a fixed exchange. This was done so as to allow direct payment to the German Naval Group in Euro.

    The additional amount of RM 1.4 billion was totally in Ringgit.

    At least that is my understanding on the matter.

    If I remember correctly PSC was also paid RM900 million to develop the yard as part of its agreement to take over the dockyard

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