New LMS Graphic

LANGKAWI: New LMS Graphic. Fresh from the news that all four LMS will be made in China, the builder is showing the latest CGI of the ship at its booth at LIMA 19.


It is likely that’s been on the cards – for sometime now – as the change in terms of the contract was only made known, last week or so.

A closer look of the new LMS CGI

The CGI is the first of the LMS from the starboard side instead of the port of the previous ones, if I remember correctly, of course.

A close up of the bridge with the EOD director and nav radar.

It also has more details feature on top of the bridge especially the electro optical director.
The latest CGI of the LMS. Note the main gun and containers on the foredeck.

Interestingly at the Boustead booth, there is no mention of the new details of the new LMS contract. Again this is likely done well before the latest announcement.

– Malaysia Defence.

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