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KD Perkasa Delivered

SHAH ALAM: KD Perkasa delivered. RMN has officially taken delivery of KD Perkasa, pennant number 3512 after undergoing the Obsolescence Programme (OP) on May 9. Perkasa underwent the OP with a rehulling which Malaysian Defence is calling the OP Plus. The OP Plus is the culmination of the FAC fleet […]

Defence Contract

KD Ganyang In The Shipyard

SHAH ALAM: RMN has handed over its youngest Perdana-class FAC – KD Ganyang pennant number 3504 – to MSET Shipyard in Kuala Terengganu to undergo the Obsolescence Programme (OP). The handing over was done on April 12, RMN said in a social media post. The OP programme is an initiative […]

Defence Contract

New FCS For FAC Fleet

SHAH ALAM: New FCS for FAC fleet. Back in August 4, 2020, Malaysian Defence posted a story on a tender for the supply of mini Combat Management System (MCMS) for the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) 14-strong fast attack craft fleet. It appears that the tender had gone nowhere – likely […]


Mini CMS For FAC Fleet

SHAH ALAM: Mini CMS for FAC fleet. The Defence Ministry has issued a request for bids for the procurement of “mini”Combat Management System (mini CMS) for RMN’s fleet of 14 fast attack craft. The RMN currently operates 14 FACs – six Jerong class, four Perdana class and four Handalan class […]

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New Stuff for Old Boats

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that RMN’s nine FACs – which entered service in the 1970s – are getting new equipment which may allow them to continue service well past 2020. The nine boats are likely those of the Perdana and Jerong classes. Malaysian Defence had reported previously that nine FACs […]