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RMAF F/A-18D Hornet M45-06. Nov 20, 2015

SHAH ALAM: Nothing to see here. The Kuwaiti Army through its social media – Twitter – has denied that the country is in negotiations with Malaysia for the use of its classic Hornets. The Kuwaiti Army post on Dece. 23 stated:

The General Staff of the Army denies the news circulated recently through the media and social networking sites regarding the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s negotiation with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense to purchase 33 used FA18 Hornet combat aircraft owned by the Kuwaiti Air Force.
It notes that any negotiation procedures for the sale of any equipment owned by the Ministry of Defense will be announced directly, and take place through the Committee for the Disposal of Assets Outside the Scope of Use of the Ministry of Defense.
In coordination with the Ministry of Finance after the approval of the country that manufactured the equipment and the terms of the contracts, and in accordance with the applicable frameworks, laws and regulatory systems.

A Hornet flying over the Kota Belud range in 2017.

The post was clear in response to a news report from Bernama which was picked up by many newspapers that stated that Malaysia was in the process of acquiring the Hornets from Kuwait. The story from Bernama is of course wrong for stating that when both countries had yet negotiate the matter. How can you start a process when it had not happened? Even the deputy defence minister did not say we were in the process of acquiring the Hornets, he said that we are interested in purchasing them but have yet to speak with the Kuwaitis.
Eurofighter Typhoon in Kuwaiti Air Force colours. Finmeccanica.

In fact in the third paragraph of the post, the Kuwait Army stated that it had to get an approval from the country of manufacture (the US) before it can even talk with Malaysia on the Hornets. I was told that Malaysia need to speak to the US first to get permission to purchase the Hornets to start the ball rolling. As I posted earlier it was started back in 2019 but fell on the ways side. Read the full posting for the reason.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “he said that we are interested in purchasing them but have yet to speak with the Kuwaitis.”

    The deputy minister and Marhalim was right, we haven’t officially started negotiating with Kuwaiti’s government, we just express our interest, not yet start negotiation. Just to show that even Bernama and other news agencies can get things (facts) wrong and made false statements. The only discussion that was had was between both RMAF’s chief and his counterpart from Kuwait though that is not considered as official negotiation. Well I guess it depends on how people consider ‘official negotiation’ from their point of view is.

  2. Luqman – ”The deputy minister and Marhalim was right”

    Yes they were. I also pointed out before that if we were really serious we would at least have sent Kuwait an official letter [like what Indonesia did with Austria over the Typhoons] and informed the U.S. embassy – we haven’t.

    Luqman – ”that is not considered as official negotiation.”

    We unfortunately have zero news on how the meeting went and even if it happened. The talks – on our part – was a casual non committal and preliminary inquiry; nothing more.

    Luqman – ” I guess it depends on how people consider”

    ”Official” in the sense that both were representing their countries but the talks itself may not have been ”official” per see.

  3. A sign that even BERNAMA has fallen for the lure of sensationalism. Droll as it may be, their reportage are a beacon of impartial & factual news, a fence between the Government leaning MSM and the Opposition leaning social media. The fact that a foreign nation see fit to reply on BERNAMA’s article showed how credible its standing in the wider world but if they keep this kind of reportage, it won’t be relevant for long.

    Anyways, if such deals were to happen and one side is expecting certain favours(huge discounts?), definitely both parties will want to keep details of discussion under wraps until it is concluded.

  4. Don’t misinterpret the statement from Kuwait, they just explaining the process that we need to get US approval to acquire the Kuwaiti Hornets. And as mentioned by our Deputy Defence Minister, we are yet to negotiate at the ministry level. So please be patient and don’t make it complicated. Thanks.

  5. I concur with what Sahipul has just written. I was expecting this news to be corrected. I don’t think the Kuwaiti Hornet saga is a dud or a farce, but many are ex forces here, or members of some uniform agencies here, and are familiar with how slow/fast a purchase requisition can be on the part of the government.
    In brief, there’s still hope for TUDM.

  6. Tai – “purchase requisition can be on the part of the government”

    Yes but we can move fast if we want to, when there is urgency, e.g. the KIFVs, Laksamanas, etc. The question is how serious is the government? When will we oficially notify Kuwait and Uncle Sam? Uncle Sam approval has to through a lenghty and tedious bureacratic process.

    Tai – “In brief, there’s still hope for TUDM”

    Its focus is the LCA/LIFT, UAS and MPA requirement.

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