SHAH ALAM: RFP for MPAs. FlightGlobal is reporting that the Defence Ministry will soon issue a Request For Proposal (RFP) for the acquisition of a new maritime patrol aircraft. The report admitted the current political situation in Putrajaya may well see a postponement of the RFP.

From FlightGlobal

According to a source familiar with the proposed deal, Kuala Lumpur seeks “five or six” aircraft capable of performing the full MPA mission, with the ability to detect submarines and prosecute them with torpedoes.

The timing of the RFP, however, could be challenged by the 24 February decision of Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad to resign. The decision could result in a tumultuous political situation that in all likelihood will delay military procurements. Still, Kuala Lumpur is clearly waking up to the importance of building its maritime surveillance capabilities.

Saab Swordfish MPA based on the Bombardier Q400.

AFAIK, RFPs for the MPA is in the works already as it is among the programmes which have been greenlighted by the government for the next RMK. This include the LCA and UAV as well, if you remember my previous reports.
Leonardo ATR 72 MPA. Leonardo

However with the current political situation, it remained uncertain whether the approved programmes would be reviewed, once a new government has been sworn in, by next week, if there is no need for a general election. If a general election is called for, a new government is only expected to be sworn in – at earliest – in early April.
Chilean Navy C295 MPA. Airbus

Technically, the Defence Ministry can issue the RFPs for the three programmes even if a general election is called but I am guessing that the civil servants at Jalan Padang Tembak will be disinclined to do so. The secretary-general has only been on the job for the last three weeks (RMAF chief is also new) and even the Procurement division head is new so caution is the key word.
Kawasaki P-1 MPA. JSMDF

I am guessing that only once a new Defence Minister had been sworn in that the RFPs would be sent out, if the new government concurred with the programme, of course. I believed this will take place by June, at the earliest. Anyhow, the ministry already has its hands full for the conversion of the CN235s as MPA already.

— Malaysian Defence

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