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SHAH ALAM: Musical chairs. As you are aware, Tun Mahathir Mohamad has been appointed as an interim Prime Minister by the King today. The announcement was made following Tun Mahathir’s resignation as the 7th PM earlier in the day. His resignation also meant that the Pakatan Harapan coalition government, set up following the May 9, 2018 general election has been dissolved.

It is likely that Tun Mahathir will set up a new coalition government in the next few days or so. Failing which Tun Mahathir will have to call for a general election. Or DS Anwar Ibrahim managed to convince some MPs to come to his side and become the 8th PM instead.

LCS PCU. Maharaja Lela. Her name could be seen on the stern. Picture taken on Aug. 25. 2017.

Although the other two scenarios remained a possibility, it is likely that Tun Mahathir will appoint the main cabinet members in th next few days or so. He appointed the DPM and the finance, home and defence ministers, two days after he took his oath as PM in May 2018.

RMAF Beechcraft B200T MPA, M41-02

As in May 2018, I will not offer any guess as to whom will become the next home and defence ministers – there are too many candidates in the coalition which is supporting Tun Mahathir including those from his previous party, Bersatu and the rebels from PKR. I am aware of the list of ministers circulating on Sunday but I am pretty sure that it is a fake as events in the last 24 hours showed that the situation was very fluid.

A 20mm turret Condor with the other Condors undergoing inspection by the UN recently. Joint Force photo.

Even his former coalition partners had announced their support for Tun Mahathir as PM, hours before the announcement of him being the interim premier. It is unlikely that MPs and members of the former coalition will be considered for the cabinet posts as this will mean that they have to abandon Anwar on his own.

Leonardo M346. Leonardo.

Anyhow, I think Tun Mahathir will have to make his move as soon as possible as the country’s economic situation makes this an urgent matter. What about national security issues then? Your guess is as good as mine.

— Malaysian Defence

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