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  1. What time is the thunderbirds airshow on 2 or 3rd of Oct??

    Marhalim: I believe there will be a Press day on Oct 2 while the public show will be held Oct 3. No time, yet but if you want the best vantage point inside the airbase come at 11am

  2. Anyone has the map to go to the airshow? I believe its not the regular Subang Terminal 3 building and they dont publish direction map. Tks

    Marhalim: The best way to get to the Subang airbase is through the NKVE and exit using the Shah Alam toll. After the toll, stay to the right for Shah Alam, once you see the Flextronics plant turn left, go straight until you meet a traffic light and take a right turn, go straight but before the next traffic light turned left, the airbase is there. Try to be at the airbase at 9am or sooner as parking is very tight. Furthermore as VVIPs are expected you will have to park away from the tarmac. Be ready with umbrellas and drinking water as the programme is expected to end at 1pm.

  3. is there any charges for the entrance

    Marhalim: Its FOC. The programme starts at 9am although the Tbirds will only be flying about 11.30am. They will be flying for an hour (based on the dress rehearsal on Friday) and then our Sukhoi will take up the time slot. It will be a solo demo flown by Byte and Rico. Just hope it doesnt rain. Come early as the airbase will be jam packed as the PM is coming. Of course that means his whole entourage, official or not are coming also. If you do not want to brave the crowd find a good parking spot along Jalan Montfort as close to the base as possible. Otherwise head to to the Pekan Subang at the end of the runway to take good close-up pictures of the planes landing….

  4. hi
    Can we enter the airbase to see more closely of the jet like LIMA?

    Marhalim: yes, thats why I keep posting come early. You a=can also meet the Tbirds, if you are patient enough and get autographs! The weather in Shah Alam this morning Oct 3, 2009 is downcast, with dark clouds on the horizon. Perhaps what happened in 2004, will happen again this year. Back in 2004 like yesterday, the weather is perfect on the dress rehearsal day but when bad on the display day itself.

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