King Air B200T Emergency Landing in Subang

The B200T M41-02 resting on the grass after it skidded off the runway during the two wheels landing on October 16, 2023. RMAF.

SHAH ALAM: A RMAF Beechcraft King Air B200T MSA skidded off the runway at Subang airport this afternoon as it made an emergency landing due to an issue with the landing gear. The aircraft – tail number M41-02 – from No. 16 Skuadron, skidded off the runway shortly after it landed at about 12.54pm.

A video of the emergency landing on social media showed that the port landing gear had failed to extend.

According to a RMAF statement, four crewmembers were on board on the aircraft and they escaped unhurt. The aircraft took off at 11.27am for a routine training mission. As standard, an investigation board has been set up to determine the cause of the incident.

Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), in its statement said the pilot in command had contacted the Subang air control tower on the issue of its landing gear and requested for assistance for landing. The ATC contacted the Subang Airport Fire and Rescue Services to provide emergency assistance to the aircraft upon landing.

RMAF Beechcraft B200T MSA M41-02. Picture taken in 2015. Malaysian Defence

CAAM said the aircraft was in the process of being removed and a full inspection of the runway was being carried out. The runway was expected to be reopen for flight operations at 5pm today. CAAM will investigate the incident.

Tail number M41-03 was destroyed in a crash in December 2016. The pilot of the aircraft was killed while the other three crew members survived.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. It appears like the belly radar would be a total write off. Would it still be worth it to fix it back to a full fledge MPA or reconvert it to a transporter role since TUDM would also soon be retiring the King Air fleet anyhow?

  2. I would think that it’s wholly dependent on the level of damage…
    If the actual radar was badly damaged or destroyed I don’t see us buying a new one.

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